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You're a history teacher and need to create a curriculum for 4 years.
How would you make it? Which periods or regions would you focus on?
What books or primary sources would you use as essential reads?
Keep in mind, that your curriculum needs to cover the period from prehistory to end of Cold War.

I'm not a history teacher btw
Would it be for elementary school children?
High School
I focus on my country
one year about the crusades
the second about the french civil war
the third about ww2
and the fouth about the holocaust
Year 1: Bronze Age - antiquity (focus on Hellenic / Roman influence on the modern world in comparison with the eastern empires)
Year 2: fall of Rome - Enlightenment
Year 3: rise of Liberalism/nationalism and European hegemony
Year 4: fall of the European hegemony - 2000s
I would build my entire 4-year curriculum around Carroll Quigley and Sir John Glubb.
Don't forget to include some E. Michael Jones and Michael Collins Piper.
do your own lesson plan
>I'm not a history teacher btw
I am, but I'm trapped by the shitty British Curriculum. Being British, this is obviously British related.

Each year would have four modules, two each of World History and British History.
Brit 1: Pre Roman Britain, ending with the invasion
World 1: Ancient Greece, up to Alexander

Brit 2: Saxons/Vikings
World 2: China, and the Arab World, the Silk Road

Brit 3: Norman Invasion, the Anarchy, up to Richard the Lionheart
World 3: the Crusades, the founding of the Ottoman Empire. Ends with the Fall of Constantinople.

Brit 4: Plantagnets up to the Wars of the Roses
World 4: Amerindian Tribes, Columbus, and the Conquistadors

Brit 5: Tudors and Reformation
World 6: the European Reformation, Thirty Years War

Brit 6: English Civil War, the Restoration, the lead up to the Industrial Revolution
World 6: The French Revolution leading up to Napoleon, plus the 19th century with Bismarck and co


Brit 8: The fall of empire and how we got into this shit.
World 8: Communism vs Capitalism, Nationalism vs Nationalism, etc

What am I missing? Am not a classicist.
I rather be a NEET than to teach in highschool
t. someone who will soon get his history phd
Only teach history relevant to my country which if Britain. If you want to know about ancient Greeks go fuck yourself. We would start with education on only the roman section of Britain then from then on the earliest british kingdoms all the way to the british empire.
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Force them to read all 11 volumes of Will & Ariel Durant's The Story of Civilization. When they finish doing that, make them read AJP Taylor, Charles Beard, Solzhenitsyn, and David Irving.
That's actually not a bad plan. You could do a lot worse than follow it.
>AJP Taylor
>David Irving

>You should eat fine steak
>but also eat this pile of shit
It might be if not for David fucking Irving. Read some pro German shit, hell go full Bismarck if you want. There's a lot to unpack there. But that hack is to history, even German history what Joseph Smith was to Christianity. Nothing short of a fully blown charlatan who doesn't deserve discussion.
i remember finishing my history gcse 4 years ago, god your curriculum sounds better than the one we got
I'm saying in an ideal world.

At the moment we're doing on the Normans and the Cold War as intense case studies, pretty good still. British schools have lowkey moved on from multiculti shit without making a big deal of it.
the year 7/8/9 classes are fun because I have relative freedom for those, doing the English civil war is a lot of fun
Jesus I hope you're trolling
>Year 4: fall of the European hegemony - 2000s

What's wrong with David Irving? Please be specific.
He was sympathetic to Hitler. That's a no-no these days, enough to condemn you to the ninth circle of Dante's inferno.
1st years; Neolithic-Bronze Age Collapse (10000 BC - 1000 BC)
2nd year; Classical Era Humanity (1000 BC - 600 AD)
3rd Year; Islamic Dark Era (600 AD to 1750's)
4th Year; Industrial-Present (1750's to present)
The Islamic Dark Era is the Era when the diversity of human thought was systemically destroyed by Islamic mauraders who sniffed out countless faiths, slaughter India, infected steppe nomads with Islam, created the stagnant hell of the Ottoman Empire and the brief golden age they had being abandoned by Al-Ghazali almost immeadiately.
Also including the Islam influenced Spain and how their mentality was inherited from Islamic thinkers from Al-Andalus. The savagery of Spanish conquistadors draws a very direct line to Islamic teachings when they applied Jihad to Christianity.
Only missing stuff really is early Mesopotamia, and a unit on east Asia. Other than that, bretty gud
Also missing the Islamic Dark Era and how Britain ended it only to bring it back to ensure the collapse of the EU in the unholy alliance Blair made with Bush to destroy Continnetial Europe with the worst WMD of all- Muslim women and children.
time period by time period with one central topic that returns every time period: the jews and their lies

alexander the great and the persian empire

rome rise and fall

charlemange and the holy roman empire

genghis khan and the mongol empire

Colonies and the new world

Napoleon and the french revolution

Victorian Britain

prelude to the great war

WW1 and aftermath

Interwar period

WW2 and aftermath

Cold war and the dissolution of the ussr
Ez. First 2 years, Holocaust, last two years, NA slavery.

Done, enlightened, educated. I'm out.
Required texts:
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit
The Culture of Critique
Unironically this is a very sensible schema.
Year 1
- 1 month on prehistory
- 3 months on classical Greece/rome
- 3 months on Persia/India
- 3 months on China
- 2 months on Mongols
- 1 day on amerindians, mostly to point out how they couldnt use wheels

Year 2
- 6 months on the byzantine empire/HRE/crusades
- 3 months on English hx
- 3 months on French hx

Year 3
- 3 months on Renaissance and Enlightenment
- 3 months on American Revolution
- 6 months on the French Revolution/Republic/Napoleon

Year 4
- 3 months PreRevolutionary Russian Hx
- 3 months Russian Revolution and WWI
- 6 months WWII/cold war
You're stopping at the Cold War?
File: nc5.jpg (6 KB, 252x200)
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OP said the curriculum had to cover prehistory to cold war. Being literate, I followed the instructions.
Where is Rome? We're covering the fall of Constantinople and the crusades but not Rome before?
File: chinese-robots.jpg (77 KB, 450x421)
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And you always do exactly as you're told, without question, no deviations.
Your jpg raises an interesting question: Would a Chinese robot be even more robotic than a robot made by white people?

First year revolutionary Napoleon
Second year first consul Napoleon
Third year Emperor Napoleon 1804-1812
Fourth year Emperor Napoleon 1813-1821
File: is bullpoop.png (268 KB, 479x430)
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268 KB PNG
Yeah I'm not retarded...but you seem to be passive aggressive as a defensive measure?

"Hey anon whats 2+2?"
"No its 4 anon"
History is the shittiest core subject
You seem to be about the only poster here who did follow the OP's instructions to the letter. Congratulations and a gold star (five-pointed) for you.

It doesn't have to be. REAL history is enlightening.
>I'm not a history teacher btw
Cwere doing your work fagit
>OP said the curriculum had to cover prehistory to cold war. Being literate, I followed the instructions.

OP said "NEEDS to cover", not "MUST BE LIMITED TO". He never said you couldn't go beyond the requirements. You just want to do the bare minimum. Teachers like you are why we are so mediocre these days.
Year one-birth of civilisation through classical empires
Year 2- fall of Rome through middle ages
Year 3-european growth and revolutions in US and France
Year 4- WW1 to present
John Keegan would beg to differ with you. So would Gordon Craig, A.J.P. Taylor, and Hugh Trevor-Roper.

Year One - Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic (2600000 BCE - 3500 BCE)
Year Two - Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Ancient Times (3500 BCE - 480 CE)
Year Three - Medieval Times (480 CE - 1461 CE)
Year Four - Modern Times (1461 CE - 2019 CE)
>Year One - Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic (2600000 BCE - 3500 BCE)
This is supposed to be a history course, not an anthropology course.
>British history
You really want your students to fall asleep or something?
Shut up libtard
Black history month. Holocaust. That’s it.
Starting at 10000 BC is fine, lots of historical developments happened than. Like Gobleki Tepi.

Hell a lot of our myths have origin in concepts from those times. Many millennia of thought, culture and tradition we never may know from those times.
(For Germany):
>year one:
stone age, bronze age, iron age, ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt), Greece & Rome, bit about the Celts and Germanics, ending with the migration period
>year two:
Franks, founding of the HRE, how medieval society worked (medieval towns in comparison with rural feudal regions), Hansa, ending with the reformation
>year three:
wars of religion, decline of the HRE, rise of Prussia, seven years' war, French revolution and the coalition wars, congress of vienna, ending with the 1848 revolutions
>year four
wars of unification, imperial period, WW1, interwar, WW2, Cold War, ending with reunification
You are assuming a lot here. You could also cover random bullshit that has nothing to do with history based on your premise. Maybe the administration told him those parameters as they have a different plan to cover the other material. Teacher like you like to complain about regulation and how limited they are but the truth is they cant get their kids to pass the most basic standardized test because they suck in the first place. Probably because they are so creative that they cant follow directions themselves.
1st year: Introduction to the ancient black civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia
2nd year: From Charles to Charlie; a history of Incest in Europe, or why you shouldn't marry your qt3.14 cousin.
3rd and 4th year: The american Civil war and its effects of the Confederacy in later generations of jewish teenagers

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