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Why were they so similar /his/? Even their enemies were the same people.
Cannae alone had more skill than anything Lee ever did combined.
I'm not so sure about that. Some of Lee's night movements and phantom fronts were pretty masterful. That said they're both shit strategists fighting helpless causes.
Northerners were Romans?
At least Hannibal was a tactical genius (arguably the greatest btw) unlike Robert "Let's repeatedly attack a well defended hill" E. Lee
>Implying "Let's repeatedly attack Nola" is any better.
>Germanoid and Potato northern Yanks were Romans
What the fuck are you smoking
>comparing the attempts to more strongly secure Campania to retarded attacks that caused thousands of casualties
Anon, they were retarded attacks on fortified positions that got nowhere and caused thousands of casualties. For fuck's sake, the guy could never even assault and storm a Roman field camp, nevermind an actual city. The entire idea was dumb, and it took him three tries over the course of 2 years to learn the lesson.
>memeing the same formation at Zama even when the Romans mirror you and obviously aren't falling for the bait again
He had a great trick don't get me wrong but c'mon now
Do we even have data about the casualties of those sieges? I find hard to believe that he didn't simply lift the siege and retreat like he usually did every time a roman commander managed to outmaneuver him
The goddamn numidians betrayed him, and even then his veteran infantry almost crushed its Roman opponents before the lucky timely return of the enemy cavalry
We have Livy, our main source for the rest of the war. As always, his reliability is debatable, and there's nobody really to corroborate with him, but he at least claims

>2800 killed in the first battle; no number of wounded is given. [23.16]
>More than 5000 (how many more is not stated) in the second battle, as well as 600 prisoners taken; again, no mention of wounded. [23.46]
>More than 2000 for the third attempt, again, how many more is not given, and no mention of wounded [24.17]
I meant Grant was the same person as Scipio. Became great in the war and defeated the great threat their respective nations were facing, but fell from grace later on.
Ah, Livy
>"... but these great merits were matched by great vices; inhuman cruelty, a perfidy
worse than punic, an utter absence of truthfulness, reverence, fear of the
gods, respect for oaths, sense of religion... "

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