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Just how open were homosexual practices tolerated throughout history?
Depends. I can say in most places there was an age and status difference.

Only exception being some Bushmen and Polynesians.

I also am not counting third genders in various societies.
where? when?
What it means to be a fag has changed throughout history and there were more modern times that were more repressive than older time periods.

But to generalize in ancient cultures such as rome and greece, the concept of manliness was of central importance but it differs slightly from our understanding. Basically, so long as you were the one "giving it to them" and not "taking it" or "serving it", it was no homo. The romans thought it was pretty lame to give a blow job and especially pathetic to eat pussy or get pounded but if you were the one doing the pounding, then all the power to you (literally and metaphorically).

So long as you had a family, did your public duties, people may not like it personally but it didnt seem that anyone cared enough to do something if you fucked a dude on the sly. Now openly being in a relationship with a dude was pretty disgusting to most Romans and ancient peoples and cross dressing was especially disgusting.

There was a roman emperor who was born in the east known for being a cross dresser, with a boyfriend and who proudly displayed his "wife beating" bruise marks from said boyfriend. I suspect this is mostly propaganda to smear his reputation but it highlights I think, the social taboo related to cross dressing and being trans.
>throughout history?
Somewhere between don't give a fuck and burn you filthy sodomite! Depends on the time.
Romans actually hated faggots only the greekaboo elite were gay

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