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Pic very related. In adobe illustrator I've noticed that when i select colors (especially bright one) they all appear very dull when i use them vs what is shown on the swatch. Also, when i copy and paste an image to illustrator from anywhere else the color does the same thing, it dulls, then when i copy back the picture in illustrator and paste it back into another program where the image originally came from the image appears dull.

How do i fix this shit? I've been playing around with the settings and no luck so far
Are you in CMYK or RGB color mode? Cause I’ll bet dollars to donuts your in CMYK, which is imitating print.
I promise i tried both and nothing changed, it's currently set to RGB
Looking at your pic there’s like 37% cyan I’d say that’s your problem
I try to adjust it but it either automatically reverts back or just straight up doesn't work so I'm still lost on how to fix
Okay. I think I know what's going on here. It could be a couple things, but I'm pretty sure Illustrator is doing what you told it to do, you just don't know it.
Go to Edit/Color Settings... What is chosen there? The default is SWOP, usually, a cmyk color space. You want North American Web/Internet, if you want to use colors like that one - it's out of gamut for CMYK, and if Illustrator thinks this is going to a press (SWOP), it will convert the colors (you told it to, in the color management settings.)

The color you have is pretty extreme. I would go with web safe colors, there are bright green ones, that will probably save you a lot of headaches - Illustrator might not know what to do with this color, to display it according to whatever your color management is set for.

If you're not using bridge, you can also try "emulate Illustrator 6", that sometimes will tell Illustrator to knock it off.

Cutting and pasting objects into Illustrator and out is forcing Illustrator to convert the image - again, according to what profiles you tell it to. You either have to create the source image in the same color space/management as the document you're pasting it into, or tell Illustrator to preserve the embedded profile/colors, but that's getting deeper into color management than I want to, and I don't know your intent here. What are these files for? That makes a difference, because anything outside of web, with AF8800? Not gonna print, it's too out of gamut.

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