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Do i have to know how to draw to do graphic design?
no but it depends 'graphic design' is too broad, its often said that gd is mostly typography though it helps a lot if you know how to sketch your ideas before opening any software. also anyone can learn to draw within a week or two using the book the new drawing by betty edwards.
Never hurts, especially when trying to express a rough idea to a group (like coordinating with a photographer or explaining how a physical takeaway should look like before turning it over to a modeler to construct a tangible prototype).

But no, >>373322 is correct- a lot of design is text and spacing.
Depends on what you're doing. If you're just doing page layout or web design, no. You can do mockups in software. If you design logos, it definitely helps. There's a lot of overlap with illustration/art and design, like color theory and composition, and drawing. But you don't need it. Photo editors, for example, need to know color and lighting and such, but drawing a layer mask in Photoshop is the only time you'd need drawing skills, really.
Hand drawing is not required if you learn how to use the pen tool.
No. I used to think you had to know how to draw, you will see a bunch of people say that on the internet. Biggest fucking bullshit I believed and I think it's propagated so you spend more time trying to draw faces instead of wireframing and things that actually bring you $.

You're better of paying an illustrator, charge them to the client + 30%, than drawing it yourself.

Even for logo design you don't need to draw, unless you want to design sport logos and band logos. Fact: Band logos pay peanuts, sports logos are actually illustrations and you will almost never ever have to design them. In fact, if they make up 5% of any work that comes your way but takes you 5 years to learn to draw... Is it worth it?
depends on what kind of graphic design you want to do but generally no

but like everything else in live drawing, photography and writing will elevate you above the pleb which in turn will reflect in your paycheck
What fields in graphic design are also illustrator heavy? I have a bit of skills in drawing, and I wanna take that to graphic design.
Logos, packaging design, technical illustration, things like that. Anything that needs precision beyond what InDesign can do, and working with Pantones. In publishing and page layout, Photoshop and Illustrator feed InDesign with pieces of the page. Usually when Illustrator is the primary app it's something like an illustration (poster) or where you need flexibility with rotated text and rotated panels. Animation and web it's handy, especially UI and Flash based things. A lot of the high end designers who do things like presentation graphics, infographics, and charts use it a lot.

this is why you should learn to draw

have to? shit, so many people in design and art related fields cant fucking draw, so I guess not.

knowing how to draw is fucking great.

two week lol ok.

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