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File: 477n09tiugk11.jpg (81 KB, 640x958)
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Not sure if this belongs here but I'm looking for a very ez video editing software, I'm making a music video for my friend today using funny images and I need to make them sync up to the beat of the music but I'm too dumb to figure out Sony Vegas. Thank you for the help!
P.S. Lightshot is a little hard for me and hard on my computer.
Adobe Premiere Pro
If your computer or you can't handle lightshot, you probably won't get much out of video editing apps. You might want to ask around in video forums if someone will do it for free or for a small fee.
I find kdenlive extremely intuitive
you can always try shotcut. I find that it supports a lot of formats and can export in a lot of formats in one package. It is free and takes some getting used to but it works well for basics.
The learning curve for video editing looks smooth but there are lots of unseen pitfalls related to software and video codecs that will drive you insane.

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