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What's the minimum I need to know and which discipline should I focus on?
ur not gonna make that in graphic design thats for sure
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Why not?

>>I made $100K within 10 months of quitting my job, and these are my 3 big takeaways for lasting success -Joana Galv√£o
Art Direction at a decently large advertising firm or working your ass off to maintain your own business is the way.

Both will take fairly long and require you to be actually good at the whole design thing. Becoming an AD at a agency is considerably easier but I think the average income is still only about 60k-80k.
Because graphic design suffers from the problem of having a shitton of low skilled (usually) college graduate people and then well known highly skilled graphic design people who catch most of the work.
You might be able to snatch up small jobs here and there but you won't be making 100k in a year thats for sure.
As for the high tier people, they are already in and finding a place among them is hard as fuck because they have most the niches and you dont.
Sell Brand Strategy.

You don't even need to know how to design anything.
SOME top designers can make 100k a year, but you just don't decide to be one of the top flavors of the moment.
I accepted early on that while I would make a comfortable living as a median tier designer, I would never get rich. And I'm okay with that.
For every designer who makes (or claims to make) 100k a year, I can show you 100,000 who make 50-60k.
It's like picking up a guitar and saying "I'm going to be more famous than Jimmy Page". Ambition is good and all, but at some point you have to be honest with yourself what your actual skill levels are. I'm a damn good designer and I've worked years to be good, but nobody wants to pay me $100k a year.

If you want money, go do money things, like work as a stock broker.
How to make 100k as a designer
>use the free time and relative comfort you have from working a low-stress easy job like graphic design to safely pursue other endeavors which actually pay a lot of money
what endeavors pay actual money?

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