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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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Anyone here with a masters degree in design, or someone who is currently working on one?

I decided to apply and I need to come up with a project idea to get accepted but I'm not really sure what is expected of the project to be considered good and give me enough workload for an entire year. Are there any criteria it should meet? I cannot find any examples online so I have nothing to compare my ideas to.

I guess that I would need to do a stupid amount of research and experimentation for the first few months of the course before even beginning to work on any final outcomes but I just cannot think of any project ideas that would give me so much work.

I am interested in book design/editorial design and would like to explore those areas in more detail
Working as a graphic designer is gay af lad.
Spending your free time doing graphic design is, on the contrary, the sign of being a self-reigned soul.

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