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File: received_2345112919149613.png (5.89 MB, 2650x4096)
5.89 MB
5.89 MB PNG
need crit on a concept poster for an art show I'm hosting. Don't wanna look like unaethsetic loser.
You have a nice color scheme and the general layout of what you have is fine, but the word "Piece" is spelled wrong and I think you could actually do without the extra yellow lines + the crossed out bits, I'm not too sure why they're there and if they're meant to just be aesthetic, they're just too visually apparent to only be warranted like that. I'm guessing the motif is "exclusionary" (?) based on the whole crossing out thing and the O in join, but that's really a take it or leave it.
yeah I got rid of the edgy lines and made it a bit more bubbly thanks for the crit
File: received_388228571824143.png (4.34 MB, 2650x4096)
4.34 MB
4.34 MB PNG
It was better before. Don’t listen to this cunt:
Put the scored out bits and the lines* back but drop the drop shads.

*but learn about grids, otherwise it will always look untidy.
File: godtierposter.jpg (108 KB, 500x666)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
looks like you're trying way to hard
low contrast with shit thrown all over and trying too hard / overkill of not very well executed visual accents for avant-modern-whatever-artshow poster

you have weirdly interesting eerie already portrait thing on there you could've just dumped information in all caps thin wide geometric sans same size top left corner adjusted in seemingly careless manner and highlighted 1 or 2 phrases that slightly matter more out of that info blob
Too hard to read, and jumbled, and looks like a bad Wired magazine cover.
Seconded on removing the crossed out yellow letters. Misleading on the information. Is it or is it not private? is it or is it not at 7pm? If it was all wholly symmetrical like with the 7PM and the H ST part that would be one thing, but the "A Private" being misaligned throws the whole structure off.

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