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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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File: UP.png (21 KB, 1308x802)
21 KB
That is the website, literal. There is not much sience behind, easy to remember.
it looks disconnected and generic, the UP inside the square doesn't seem to be centered properly (adjust by eye) and if its shrink-ed down on a website the ".com" will probably get too small to be readable.
That typeface is weak.
Using an Ü just makes it unnecessarily confusing. Is it actually meant to be an Ü? Does it just have dots for no reason but is still pronounced like an U?

Arbitrarily using umlaut dots is pretty cringe.
interesting points of view, and all valids. And indeed just making some test the .com don't work when trying to add it to a Navbar.
any suggestions? I know that the type of product or service matters deciding the typeface, but at the momment will be a store online.
well, it's for domain practicality attacking mobile users, it only takes 3 sec to type it down in mobile and easy to remember being an English word, with just 1 variation.
File: Untitled-5.jpg (53 KB, 500x860)
53 KB
Surely you can come up with something more interesting than that?

Toyed with it for a few minutes. IMO try finding a more compressed font, the long shapes looks weird in a box like that.

Make sure your logo fits with your vision of how you want to be percieved, right now it says (to me) "basic and cheap, with an industrial edge to it". If that's the kind of clientele you were going for, then great. Otherwise I'd rethink your design.

Think of what kind of icon you will have as an app/bookmark since it will be mainly for mobile users. Is that logo really going to grab the attention of someone on a screen with 20 other apps?
>it only takes 3 sec to type it down in mobile
Irrelevant in today's landscape. What you need is a purely memorable name and an accessible website/app. The user will only write your site's name once, then they'll download your app or bookmark you. So the time it takes to write down is pretty much pointless. Is "up" really that memorable? Or are you more likely to forget it because it's so bland and common?

Also on the point of the umlauts, you are probably going to have a rough time with SEO i'd wager. It also looks B-tier as fuck imho.
Looks like a tv rating
OOP.com lole

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