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File: imperia.jpg (76 KB, 562x450)
76 KB
What is your favorite skyscraper?
File: 492395-nakatomi_5 (1).jpg (305 KB, 1200x1600)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Nakatomi Plaza
The Petronas Twin Towers.
The Tribune Tower in Chicago probably.
Man... these are what skyscrapers COULD HAVE been.
>6 posts no chrysler building
step it the fuck up
Step it the fuck up? Dude you're posting pics of buildings.
>pics of buildings
I don't think you know how plural works mate.

I posted one pic of one building.

Architecture is a great source of inspiration for any designer by the fucking way.
What is the building seen on the right edge?
Shanghai Tower
File: image.jpg (12 KB, 163x251)
12 KB
Sweet mother of god, that bronzed glass
Not sure what it's called but here you can see it
I had cause to do a few all-nighters in a office building across the street from the Chrysler Building due to a banking deal. I had lived in New York for about a year at that point and never noticed the gargoyles/grotesques. They are formidable at eye level.

If YouTube is to be believed all of the metalwork if flimsy shit and the top 25% is such a pain in the ass to maintain that it makes the rest of the building unprofitable to upgrade with modern HVAC/electic/data. Likely future is yet another money laundering shell game of LLCs for the Chinese/Russians/Arabs where any use of the structure is ancillary.

Feels bad man.
what the fuck is this thread

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