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File: matthew dear_bunny.jpg (11 KB, 320x320)
11 KB
this looks either like an actual photo, or something done in C4D or Blender.
in case you want something distantly similar, you could try Photoshop's limited 3D text capabilities, but likely it won't look nearly the same.
>Add text and leave it as top layer
>Duplicate layer: highlights
>Make it white
>Duplicate layer: shadows
>Make it black
>Move highlights to the left
>Move shadows to the right
>Apply a lot of blur to both highlights and shadows.
>Use masks in the original layer on the inside of the 'B' etc.
C4d or blender or something, with a bit of subsurface scattering in the material
Why do you want to make this effect? What do yu want to say?
File: oo4229.jpg (31 KB, 320x320)
31 KB
this can be done by just adding the highlight and the shadows to a blank canvas

this took under 3 minutes to do just to test it
File: i tried lol.jpg (155 KB, 722x722)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
I'm pretty amateur at photoshop, but I took a crack at it.
File: TTTT29.jpg (35 KB, 320x320)
35 KB
i used the highlights and shadows over 2 layers and put the fill to 0 on this one
File: ggg.jpg (27 KB, 320x320)
27 KB
gaussian blur added
i think will a little time this would be quite easy to do regularly
You don't want to use gaussian blur, the hard lines are still visible and still obvious that it's just text.

What I did in mine here >>369282
was gradient background, text (I couldn't be fucked to match the font) duplicate layer for highlights, made white and gaussian blur only the highlights, on original layer play around with blending options drop shadow and embossing, and when I thought it looked about right I merged the layers and used smudge tool to blend the edges and make it less uniform to give it that 'clay' look, took a stock image of a clay texture and blended it with with low opacity, and as a final touch added some image adjustments to make it look nicer.
i want to get into shirt design, does anyone have any tips?
File: an attempt.jpg (14 KB, 557x527)
14 KB
the lettering would need either a texture layer applied or some hand painting to get that effect

otherwise it's just text, emboss, color mask on light > make layer > blur and set to additive, color mask on shadow > make layer > blur and set to multiply, reorder layers
photoshop? how about doing it with open source? anyone?
File: bepis.png (124 KB, 465x542)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
i tried

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