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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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I've visited this board inconsistently for the past 3 years and it has to be one of the most unproductive and amateur boards on the site.

>daily "how to do this" and "teach me how to recreate this" threads without user's even attempting
>actually 80% of threads are "hey gd make me instantly good at design so I can become successful"
>fucking flag threads
>shitty oc album artwork threads
>how to portfolio/resume when you can find endless youtube videos and articles

the font threads can be quite helpful but can anyone actually say that their time on this board has made them a better at design or helped them get a job?
A year ago I would of argued with you, but now all you are upsetting is a bunch of kids with PS
There used to be some good guides a few years ago. I learned a lot like 10 years ago. Don't know what changed because I am not here very often.
Yeah this is a pretty useless board. Anything you could learn here you could learn elsewhere for a fraction of the effort.
does this board even have any mods? asking for photoshop help or asking for people to do shit for you should be bannable offenses
>real shit

where the fuck are the janitors
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IMHO things are pretty random here, sometimes I get valuable resources and discussions, another times all I see is shitposting and troll-feeding.

I access /g/, /gd/ and /ic/ and they seems very similar in this aspect.

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