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File: fuckadobe.png (93 KB, 264x378)
93 KB
ADOBE has become EVIL

Photoshop = Affinity Photo
Illustrator = Affinity Designer
After Effects = Resolve/Fusion

or nah?
im still using cs4
Careful anon, Adobe will sue you because using old versions is illegal.
I use CS6 adobe stuff but Ive been trying to move to free shit like OpenToonz and KdenLive for my stuff. They're not perfect but surpprisingly better to work with than CC shit.
Adobe can be replaced, but likely won't unless there's some massive rise in demand for open source alternatives.
They've got the vast majority of the design industry dependant on their product, to the point where using the competition's software is seen as unprofesional and a liability. Open source alternatives can get (and arguably have gotten) just as good if not better than Adobe's buggy, bloated, and ridiculously expensive payware, but are doomed to be burried by the sheer amount of promotion that Adobe can afford.
My friend.
I'm still on CS6.
Will you donate for lawyer?
for personal projects, of course
but if you want to work in the industry, even freelancing for studios, fuck no

you gotta dick ride adobe and the leftist in this field
I wish. At least I can still make new trial codes.
I don't do much /gd/ so I've been using Paint.NET with a gazillion plugins.
File: alternatives.png (208 KB, 900x900)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
I think Adobe's going to be upset.
Thirty bongland loisence notes is a fine price to pay for thousands of quid a month in work.

It's like the smallest overhead in any business.

But if you're a hobbyist, fuck it use whatever you want
20 years in the field and Adobe is easily the worst aspect of my career.

I would pay good money to see them crumble.
Have any of you actually found a suitable replacement for InDesign? It's the most important program for me but it loads really horribly if you're not using a newer computer
This was taken way out of context for clickbait headlines, that blogpost from Adobe literally said, you risk being sued by third parties, not them. It's just corporate speak to cover their ass.
No, it’s corporate speak to save money because adobe fucked up big time by breaking licensing agreement with Dolby. Dolby isn’t going after the end user, they are going after adobe and making adobe pay them for all of the user that still use the software.

The letter is adobe using fear tactics on their own customers to save them money.
File: 2a_0801_big1-W1H9.jpg (115 KB, 900x575)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>be using Adobe for 20 years
>never paid a single $ to them

The only thing that change is the dealer.
At first I was buying CDs from a guy on thevmarket,
Than Napster, than TPB.

Unironically, I think piracy helped them establish monopoly. If it wasnt for pirates, I'd have to resort to open source or cheaper alternatives.
File: me.jpg (5 KB, 287x176)
5 KB
i just want sketch on window or linuk
Sometimes I wonder if Adobe pays Windows to keep MS Paint obsolete.
Big fan of darktable and gimp as alternatives to lightroom and photoshop
Most pre-presses I work with won't take Affinity files. Too much hassle. Adobe products are a standard for a reason. If you can't afford $50 a month, work harder. Or get a job that pays for it, like mine.
The lawsuit seems to be from Dolby, and Dolby has made no move to sue Adobe users. I'm not even sure how they would start, because they'd have to prove someone used it, and as I understand metadata, you can strip anything out that could incriminate you.

And, i use the paid version, I pay more each month for my cell phone. Way more. And I have a second installation on my Windows laptop from the work license (2 CPUS per licence, and yes my employer is fine with it.)
This is all "justification" to pirate Adobe software by people were going to do that anyway. It's all a big nothingburger excuse to complain because I guess $50 a month is hard?
>Unironically, I think piracy helped them establish monopoly
The only reason I even use Adobe shit is because I pirated it back in high school and got comfortable with it, and I know a bunch of people with similar stories.

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