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File: various.jpg (398 KB, 3780x816)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Im trying to make a logo for my game.
Which one of the following do you think is best?
(consider that the idea is to put it behind the name of the game, similar to Final Fantasy)
I'd say the logo may be a bit to colourful, either take out one of two colours or just decrease saturation a bit
Rule of 3 colors motherfucker. Make something that minimizes color usage and can be distinguished based on silhouette.
Honestly i agree with most of this thread. You do need less color. This looks like straight up LSD stuff
Less colour, looks too much like the Star of David, try something between 3-4
File: there.jpg (142 KB, 1612x667)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Too late, I already chose yesterday.
next time at least give context: what the game is about, where the "logo" will be displayed, etc.
shoo shoo joo
File: OP.png (342 KB, 1000x600)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
three color rule
This is absolute dogshit OP, but you do you.

You sticking with that font? I'd maybe lose the italics, and also the whole logo.
t b h this is your standard Japanese video game logo. these guys don't care about design "rules" much.
not really, Japanese video game logos are very professional compared to this dogshit
it depends but OP's image is what I'd expect from indie game
You clearly havent played a good indie game ever.
Op is setting himself up for failure. I would never buy something that looked like that.
Looks like a two year old just found the rainbow brush
File: FFX_logo.png (50 KB, 563x365)
50 KB
>similar to Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy has traditionally used colored gradients with a high-contrast image as a mask. Nothing like what you've posted.
Three color rule is important but generic geometric horseshit like what you posted is pure fucking cancer
OP gives generic shapes, i do what i can with generic shapes.
>what the game is about,
Imagine FF7 but with KH gameplay, Ar Tonelico aesthetics, and Klonoa mood
>where the "logo" will be displayed
For now only on the title screen, against a completely white background or maybe some very light texture like marble/clouds or something like that.

Anyway, I'm still pretty ok with it.
I think it is OK for what it is, but most people here disagreed with me. if your game is a fan project or a small game, the bar is set pretty low and your logo fills the spot it's made for well enough. it gives me PS1/2 game vibes, too.
that said, if the game is commercial, and/or you're looking for distinctive mark and a memorable identity, I think that's not enough. the shape of the logo is too generic, pretty effects don't add recognition to it. and at least make the title font bold.
yo bitch, don't even try to compare this absolute shitstain to the artworks that are the FF logos. gtfo and never come back if this is what you settled on. you have no taste and should be shot and then locked up.
ask >>>/g/
File: Trippy.jpg (88 KB, 728x511)
88 KB

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