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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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Hey /gd/

never really been on this part but was looking for some help in making my flyer appear more eye catching and interesting.

>pic related
Is just a concept but don't want anything super complicated but if I were to hand them out to people would make more of an effort of them going
There’s no imagery or descriptions that lets me know what Summerfest is. Black type on red background generally isn’t good if you’re looking for contrast. It’s a boring design and layout that could literally be used for any event, so of course it’s not going to be eye catching
>if you want something eye catching you have to make it busy
>"fest" lets me know its a festival, but lack of imagery/info makes me question what kind of event it is
>flyers are typically full of info and images, minimalism isn't really going to work out for festival flyer
It caught my attention, but it seems more like a warning than anything.
At the Moment your Flyer is very strict, minimalistic, reduced, and very cerebral. It does not awake any emotional response that feels like "Summer Party". Its more of an static, lame Alert.

Music and Parties are very emotional. Ditch it and make some imagery that feels more like Summer and Party, maybe more playful and in a style that connects with your audience. Pick other, more trendy colors.

If that was too complex for you to understand, there's still this:

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