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File: 58873a76f1e50-384x384.png (36 KB, 384x384)
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This thing was nice and all. But let's face it, it has bugs and on some (older) devices, it crashes. Suggest your alternatives anon.
(Photoshop Express and the rest are bloatware)
OP here. I am talking about Photoshop Touch (made for mobile devices).
You can do a lot with Picsart, but there's no app I know of that comes close to matching PS Touch.
I still use this app it's how I learned Photoshop back on iOS and was my first purchase when I switched to Android. Sadly I could not find anything better and then Adobe had the brilliant idea of splitting it into as many apps as possible. I've reversed and modified some of the code but I have limited time to keep working on it.
Adobe is going to release a full Photoshop version for iPad this year.

I'm interested
Sad thing that it's only the iPad, maybe they will make the mobiles be better than before, since they put that desktop PS experience on the iPad
Don’t do it on your phone you hipster trash, design on an actual computer.
I'm somewhat skeptical of the "unlimited layers" claim, especially on iPads with less ram. But we'll see. The most irritating thing to me is that it'll almost definitely be subscription-based like CC itself, and I can't stand that shit.
I understand the fact that mobile is inferior to PC, but still it can be useful.

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