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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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File: shitfuck.png (96 KB, 1600x900)
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Originally pic related had appeal in uniform design and being generally better typeset and had better layout than most of the common blogging platforms.

Now it's more tedious to read and navigate than some shitty Blogspot theme from 2005.

What is this 'trend' in design of popular platforms having websites covered in distracting 'anti-navigation' shit, being slow and unusable 5MB JavaScript monstrosities?

Other day I visited to Dribbble company's job openings page, it had couple of elements (images) that merely have to react with CSS animation on scroll event when they appear and scrolling in the page was completely broken in web browsers that are not Chrome.

Like how can something so simple you can do in cross-compatible way with vanilla JS can be turned into convoluted, broken shit.

Do 'UX Designers' up there have a power or interest to bring up that as a consideration when they make literal crap, while earning 100k per year at the fancy company?
I think you're right on the money with this. I'm also tired of those lazy bloated JS libraries used for everything because "it's 2019", and it's funny that all those "good design" sites are usually overdesigned to all fuck. It is a paradox how in the era of "minimalism", design manages to be so unintuitive AND bloated. I don't want to talk out of my ass but I also suspect the UX designers don't understand design at all.
Well UX is currently a meme field with no real standards so that makes sense.
But did you see that wobbly chart background neon gradient animation render for that never-existent fitness mobile app's mockup? That's what design is about. Aren't you impressed?
It never had any standards

And that's the root of the problem. Web design started with a bunch of kids copypasting hackish javascript code onto websites constructed of frames and full of a zillion flashing bobbing gifs using all 256 colors at once.

These kids grew up and swapped out the gifs for pngs, toned down the color and upgraded from frames to divs, but they never lost the old mentality of just throwing someone else's code into their own site and acting like they did it

The web design industry started with highschoolers, not programmers, and said highschoolers set a ton of really dangerous precedents

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