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Is it hopeless after all? I've reached a point where I'm completely abandoning graphic design and working as a car mechanic instead. Screw those years getting a masters. Time and money well wasted. Burned out by all the over-saturated competition in the creative field. It's easy to say just be good and innivative and get a stable job at a design related firm but when clients and colleagues don't even care if they receive plagarized work, you might as well ask what even is the point of all this?
Post some work, curious what level you're at.
Surely you don't need to do physical labor if you have a master's.
You got a masters on fucking graphic design.... yikes...

Well what happened happened I guess, but have you ever considered not using shitty freelancing sites, and going out there and really getting your name out there?

Like, as a car mechanic, you're not going to sit back post an ad somewhere and just expect 10k people to want their cars fixed from you, right?

Graphic design is a service job just like every other service job.
>a masters in graphic design
Holy shit
The sad part of these freelancing sites is that jobs are mostly taken by people who will do the job for beans, so usually people take the lowest costing bid.

Literally the only reason to get a masters in graphic design is to teach, so....get cracking on those high school art teacher applications.
30 year old licensed designer here, haven't been able to find good jobs in Mexico, does anyone have any input on how to get jobs online? People here just don't give a shit about intelectual property
you're all creative types who are just bad at business. Read 'the coders path to wealth and independance'. Dont just do 'graphic design' learn to give value beyond that to clients and they'll forever be coming to you because you've developed a trusting relationship with people.

ive been a designer for decades and sometimes they want something so simple and stupid its crazy theyre paying you.
I'm on a simialr boat here. Local jobs pay absolute dogshit and inflation's really high. Plus I odn't really have many qualifications. I turned to gd because it's what I taught myself how to do but I'm having bad luck on these sites.
Got a little bit of quite good feedback on Upwork but it's really hard to get any work. Only get interviews that lead to nothing. :/

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