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File: sd.jpg (51 KB, 1080x1080)
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I'm a music producer looking for visual branding.

I have very specific and focused ideas for the look and feel (I have dozens of reference images prepared) but I rather trust a professional designer with that.

In detail I need some sort of logo or emblem of some sort together with banner images for spotify, soundcloud, bandcamp best with color-schemes I can later use on my own. I'm pretty good with blender and photoshop and create my covers myself.

How would you estimate the cost for that?
How should I approach the designer - Do you guys are annoyed or happy when the client comes with long texts and dozens of reference images for his vision?

bumping with stuff from my reference folders. OP is from Tuomo Korhonen
File: multilove.jpg (424 KB, 1080x1080)
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424 KB JPG
File: spheres-2-grain.png (7.08 MB, 2000x2000)
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7.08 MB PNG
cover i made myself with blender
not annoyed at all, the more the better. the worst is one when someone "just wants a logo" and "doesnt care what it looks like" only to shoot down every variation you give them and give no direction back.
>How would you estimate the cost for that?
>I need some sort of logo or emblem of some sort together with banner images
It depends on who you choose, it can go from ~$200 to $1500. Judging by your images, I'd say it could be tricky, there's only a handful of designers/studios I've seen that work on that style since it requires lots of experimentation and most of them don't make logos just stationary.

>How should I approach the designer
Usually you'll browse through portfolio websites like Behance.net and search for keywords like branding, logos, gradients etc. then pick the ones you like and send them a message with all the info and ask them how much they will charge.

Also If you want I'll might be able to help you out cheaper than what I posted before, I mostly have experience with minimal/abstract logos and I mostly listen to post-rock/experimental stuff, plus I won't charge you anything until you'll approve the designs. my email axtaresdesign@gmail.com
good, communication is the key

Thank you, answered pretty much all of my questions.

I understand the price point, considering the amount of work, research and the fact that the visual brand is soo important nowadays that those 200 bucks could convert into a multi million dollar worth.

The thing for me is though that I am experienced and confident enough with design I just need some sort of consulting or a direction to go to.

Would a designer get involved with:

>just send me sketches, color schemes and rough psd files i can work with for half the price

Or is that disrespectful?
File: japanese.jpg (769 KB, 1080x1080)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
also bumping more reference
File: AR-R.jpg (5.22 MB, 2126x2126)
5.22 MB
5.22 MB JPG
Send me a mail OP might do smth for u if ur still interested
>just send me sketches, color schemes and rough psd files i can work with for half the price
>Or is that disrespectful?
yeah a lot of designers will be annoyed not to mention that a lot of them will ask you for half the payment upfront, also I know a lot of top designers have a policy of never sharing the project files (.psd) with the clients just the final images, some even send files as .pdf so the clients won't do any modifications on them.
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