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File: colors.jpg (257 KB, 1080x1080)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Am really stuck on this one. I canĀ“t seem to get the colors right.
thnx this is some nice shit.

and yes its mexican
more importantly why is the line along the top half the thickness of the rest?
File: jjy12gyt.jpg (133 KB, 1080x1080)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
the whole thing doesn't match the bright yellow bg, it's desaturated and in serious need of some black levels
also, why pink? makes it look like a bubblegummy ice-cream with a meaty stick in it
picrelated as well
Thanks for the advice. Am gonna get on it and fix it.
File: Psst.jpg (220 KB, 1080x1080)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
I made them changes. Any background suggestions?
Nice detail change! But what's the green cubes? It looks radioactive. Same for the green on the text.

How about another tint of red instead of green?
File: png.png (4 KB, 1325x501)
4 KB
change the green to yellow, make the tongue the same red and maybe add more highlights/shiny shapes like >>362138

also your color palette is awful maybe try some colors from pic related
File: gg.jpg (231 KB, 1080x1080)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
So the green cubes are cucumbers. Am having a hard time giving it some dept. Am greatful for all your feedback.
Not that bad, just make the stroke around the cup one point thicker, like the ones in the text

Also I think it needs something on both sides of the cup not sure what exactly maybe something very simple with some color, what else do they sell there?
Am gonna add some sparks implying that its spicy my boi
go for a more subtle red, this one is too harsh on the eyes
try making the shadows on the cup a lighter grey too
It's better if you exaggerate the dimensions of the tongue and the eyes, it's not? That will give it a more crazy aspect.
For the background, you can put an orange color to create harmony with the red and yellow
File: Instagram.png (802 KB, 1080x1080)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
Thank you all for your comments.

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