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File: Artboard 1.jpg (63 KB, 420x596)
63 KB
Any critique for a wedding invitation I'm working on?

I have two versions, which one you prefer?
File: Artboard 2.jpg (60 KB, 420x596)
60 KB
And this one
this one seems more sophisticated, though I would put the names on one line and maybe change the color to gold, are those the best roses you could find? seems like you can find better ones even on free sites nowadays.
Well. Those were painted by my friend as were the leafs. I like the hand painted, almost impressionistic feel they have.

I think the balance may be thrown off if I put the names on the same line. I'll try the gold as the colour for them, though.
File: Artboard 3.jpg (60 KB, 420x596)
60 KB
I feel the balance is a bit off as I said earlier. The gold isn't doing it for me. I liked how the pink reflected the colour of the flowers.
Fane and Fohn
It looks like a I'm sorry card you get with flowers
The pinkish versions are better than the gold one.

I'm not so sure about the painting tho, roses looks messy to me, making it a bit out of context, may pass if they have a child so you can bs on a childish touch.

I get your main idea, and i know it's quite something to end up with a good and original thing for such a traditional event.

My only tadvice would be to know the couple better and make the invitation a bit more personal than the average wedding invitation.

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