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File: felix_chromatic.gif (1.62 MB, 540x540)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
Where should I go if I want to buy some good, clean web templates? Tried some free ones and they all felt sluggish, slow and unresponsive.
ThemeForest [templates category]
How can agencies charge so much and still find clients? Folks like H(a(v(i(v))) makes me question life
how do I get the effect in OP's gif? preferably in premiere pro
File: skelefast.gif (219 KB, 122x220)
219 KB
219 KB GIF
>Chromatic aberration in Pr
The easiest way would be to use a plug-in such as twitch. However, that's kind of cheating since that Felix doesn't has it's color channels shifted by position but by time.
Easiest way I can think of doing it properly is the following
>Throw footage on new sequence
>duplicate it, put it on a 2nd layer and shift it one frame forward. Apply Color Balance effect set red channel to 200 and blue and green to 0. Change blending mode to additive
>duplicate it, put it on a 3rd layer, shift it a frame forward and change the visible color channel
>do it once again
>put original footage on top of all layers
you don't have to use RGB for the channel separation, OP's pic has cyan for example
>picrelated would be a much better example if it didn't move so damn fast but it's the only gif without a bg I have saved and I'm too lazy to look for a more appropriate one
2 things:

is position: sticky; bad practice

and also why does position: sticky; not work with flexbox in safari
It's been awhile since I've done graphic design and I got a project to do some T-shirt designs. Which software would be best for this and any advice you can give to make sure they look nice

It's not a big client just a friend who's doing stuff for his fraternity
Depends on what you want to print
Ai would be the safest option and it's mandatory if you are planning on cutting vinyl
File: 026a.jpg (182 KB, 864x1226)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Favourite techniques to add realistic noise to digital art to make it look like it was scanned from a print?

Obviously I can pick out elements to consider from examples like pic related (blue cast, print lines, reduced range, etc.) but just wondering if anyone has a go-to technique.
post an example, it usually goes like this:
> draw the sketch > take a photo/scan it > import pic into Photoshop (canvas: 2875x3900px) > "ink" or redraw the line-art (the photo locked in the background) > import into Illustrator > auto-trace > clean > colorize
File: 1551732903446.jpg (100 KB, 540x540)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
What do you call this type of picture? Is it just glitch art?
>go-to technique
I don't but I'm interested as well

>redraw in Ps then autotrace in Ai
my fucking sides

>What do you call this
its called aesthetics
believe it or not is very common to do it that way, but it depends of the type of shirts, here's an example:
I want to do web in my native country and there's like 2-3 "agencies" that completely dominate with shit work just because they have big name connections to rich people and gov (founders of each agency aren't even designers and the people they hire is a joke).

How and what can I do to stand out and be a better alternative when I have 0 connections there and big name clients don't give a shit about quality?

Second question, what should I do if they try to bully me out of the field if they were to hear my existence?
Try asking them if they outsource work. Steal their clients, if you can. That's probably how they did it. Agency work is dog eat dog.
It's emulating a CRT/TV picture, by oversaturating the linescan and adding artifacts. It was done purposefully.
not sure if this is the right place to ask since i realize this board is more about graphic design than animation. But what programs and subjects do i need to get into if i want to make stupid animated shitposts. You know the wojak and doomer videos on YT etc.
Link related:
AfterEffects would be the best choice but for something as crude as that you can use pretty much any non-linear video editing soft
I want print a 90x150cm flag.
What canvas size do I should use to get a perfect print?(I'm using Inkscape)

This is the best that I can get:


Any idea how many DPI (dots per inch) should have my Inkscape file?
>canvas size
90x150 cm

it will be a pretty heavy file, if it's too much for your potato, you can lower dpi to 150 and it will still look fine
What will happend if use 96.00 dpi?

If I change the dpi the size of my design changes.
dpi means dots per inch, literally how much detail is printed per inch
300 dpi is pretty much the standard for high res prints, going with 150 gives pretty good results, I wouldn't go lower than that if it's meant to be seen up close, if you are planning on hanging the flag high (so no one stands really close to see the printing quality isn't dandy) you can get away with lower a dpi but it's not optimal.

>If I change the dpi the size of my design changes
Retarded question:
I'm using a few cm to px converter web pages to know the exact canvas size:

Why I keep getting different numbers in the thousandths?:

5669x3401= 5669.291339x3401.574803 (90x150cm )

5669x3401= 5669.2913386x3401.5748031 (90x150cm )

And when I used this converter web page https://www.blitzresults.com/en/pixel/ I got this totally different number:

4251x2551=89,99x150,00 (90x150cm )

Wich is the correct canvas size in px for 90x150cm?
Am I retarded?

>>If I change the dpi the size of my design changes

I was able to import my design with this exact size 4251x2551 but in png format.
Will I have a good print in this format?
It really necessary be SVG format?
I heard dribbble now lets people upload mp4 files with sound but I haven't seen that much people using that format, is .gif better for Ae/vector/animation? when compared gif's are usually twice the size of mp4's but they look much better.
File: ss001beelogo.png (328 KB, 804x803)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
I feel like I need to do more to this but am not sure what need some critiques/advice
The individual shapes should only have one colour each. I get what you're going for with the wings but there's not enough contrast between white and yellow to make it work.
That calculator you are using makes no sense, just create your canvas in cm and choose your dpi, you don't need to worry about pixels

>when compared gif's are usually twice the size of mp4's but they look much better
you need to find the bitrate sweetspot for mp4s to balance size-quality
I usually use these settings for full hd video
>target br: 12
>max br: 16
just test what works best for your source material

pretty much this >>362554
it's specially annoying on the letters
adding a 3rd color to create something akin of a bevel might work
File: 122.png (340 KB, 1364x1529)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
>That calculator you are using makes no sense, just create your canvas in cm and choose your dpi, you don't need to worry about pixels

In this way Sensei?

Any idea how can I export this but on a SVG file?
I'm using Inkscape.
I'm just realizing we are talking about inkscape not gimp (I haven't ever used either though)
what you have here is a conceptual problem, SVG is literally Scalable Vector Graphic, therefore, you don't care about it's size/resolution, only thing that matters is that you get the ratio right (15:9 in this case) since you can just scale it afterwards without losing quality.
making the canvas bigger will only increase the file size

>export as png
what you are doing here is rasterizing the image, which means that you lose all vector information, you don't want to do that.
again, I've never used inkscape but there should be an option to save the file as .eps / .svg or some other vectorial format (sure that's a google search away)
however, this is assuming you actually drew that on inkscape and that the paths are there, if you just pasted some image it will already be rasterized and you will need to trace it.
inkscape should have some sort of auto-trace tool (again, just google it) and if not, torrent Vector Magic which is lightweight and simple as fuck
File: 67776.png (39 KB, 662x538)
39 KB
Which SVG option is the best?

So do I should use Gimp instead?

>export as png

You are right, I can see a loose of quality.

I'm working with SVG files that I got from Wikipedia.
>Which SVG option is the best?
I always go for eps, plain svg works as well

>gimp instead
no, that's for raster files

>SVG files that I got from Wikipedia
then you should be able to export it in vectorial without any problems
What is the difference between: "Inkscape SVG" file and "Plain SVG" file?
plain svg is universal and can be opened with whatever program you want
inkscape svg surely saves some extra editing capability but only if you open it with inkscape
don't expect your printshop to be running your same software, use something that won't create compatibility problems
I already save my design on "Inkscape SVG" file. Can I open up that SVG file and then save it as "Plain SVG" file without any problem?
yes. just save it as .eps and stop worrying about it.
came back to this thread a few weeks later,
thanks anon!
Any idea how can I know the size on pixels of my SVG work?
File: svg.jpg (40 KB, 314x317)
40 KB
>not sure if you are really thick or severely underaged
vectors don't work like raster images, they are about the paths not the pixels
refer to google/wikipedia if you need further assistance because this spoon-feeding has got to stop

you are welcome anon
now that I look at it again I realize that Felix has CMYK channels shifted (not RGB) and that some are shifted forward while some others are shifted backwards from the main movement but the concept on how to do it is pretty much the same.
I can't stop looking at that lovely double-bounce walk cycle now
File: 121127i8.jpg (117 KB, 440x330)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>this spoon-feeding has got to stop

Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.
How come big name people and agencies dont have their shit on sites like Instagram, beheance, etc? Aren't those sites the defacto places to share shit to get popular?

Does one have to be snobby and exclusive to get places by not putting shit on public places? I'm almost tempted charging people just to look at my portfolio
Why won't the default 3D LUT presets show up in Photoshop CS6?
what do you mean?
take a screenshot or something for those of us who use CC
How do you deal with imposter syndrome? I started out with logo design recently and everything I draw on my phone is something I consider horrible. But then I see big name agencies doing shit that's shit and it makes me question whether or not I'm beating myself up too much
Doesn't The Futur have a video on this? I haven't watched it, but I assume it's decent.
He says to just stop comparing and be yourself while learning from others. That really doesn't help because I'm doing that too
File: just.jpg (85 KB, 1056x816)
85 KB

>How do you deal with imposter syndrome?
I can't remember which musician was that said something along the lines of
>albums don't get finished, they get abandoned
If your base is solid, some extra polishing won't make the difference, just leave it like that, if the base is flawed, start over
I have a picture in photoshop of which I want a part to change +5 hue for every new layer. Best way to go about this ?
Okay I figured it out:
1) Create Action and bind it to F3
2) Record the following
->New Layer
->Change Hue +5
3)Stop Recording
4)Select only the area you want to change
5)Keep Hammering F3 70x Times
Interested to know what you're doing with this.
File: 6387468.gif (3.08 MB, 492x572)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB GIF
Well, I guess that works but you could just open the timeline and add a couple of hue rotation keyframes instead of playing actions like a madman
what gives
Bossman at my retail gig at a small mom and pop music shop just gave me the task of some freelance design work for ads

I know my way around photoshop, but does anyone have any good repos of royalty free fonts they recommend?
File: help me.png (142 KB, 512x882)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
I've been using the same software for maybe three years now and Adobe only just caught onto this?

The Pirate Bay is a bit of a shit show these days. Where do you lot tend to go to get your pirated software? I'm essentially in need of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. Bridge, Premiere Pro, After Effects are a nice bonus.

I dont know what you guys are like on piracy, I will say my workplace already has licensed software so at home is more hobbyist.
just use one that isn't royalty free, you won't get sued

>not firewalling adobe's access
tpb should be fine, you can try cgpeers/cgpersia/rutracker otherwise
What's up with people who criticize logos as if someone shat down their throat? Or worse, when someone dick sucks a clearly bad logo. That site called "under cons.." is the worst cesspool I've seen in my life next to twitter
File: 1553089134726.jpg (99 KB, 750x750)
99 KB
can anyone link me a full pirated version of photoshop? anything above cs5 will do it, thanks in advance


There are cc versions for 2018, where you just need to replace amtlib.dll
reduced range noise
File: 1526250809100.gif (489 KB, 600x338)
489 KB
489 KB GIF
thank you so much!!
Is there an art program that I can draw a curved line, and tell the program to straighten it but keep the same length? I'm trying to measure something in a drawing that isn't straight.
Just approximate it with a bunch of straight lines and add them up. The inaccuracy is irrelevant since you are measuring something with an image, if you want accuracy you should bring a ruler to the physical object.
How can i replicate this glitched/scanned chromatic burn look on the text in this poster? preferably illustrator but if it takes Photoshop no big deal either.
why don't you just do the real thing instead?
>open image with text on your phone
>place it in the scanner
>move it around while scanning
>repeat till it looks good
Ive always stock to 300 DPI as the pribt minimum

New boss says for "digital printing" 150 is the minimum.

I cant find anywhere to back that up. Is that right?
Is that just cause Digital is inherantly less detailed anyways?
depends on viewing distance
300dpi is a good standard to use but you can get away with 150
this thread might help
File: Screenshot_192.png (4 KB, 400x200)
4 KB
Do you guys think this is a cool flag design?
no sane human would
How do some folks charge so much for design? Bribes? Prostitution? It boggles my mind that some big name agencies are able to charge the prices they demand
please stop
File: Capture.jpg (95 KB, 1214x573)
95 KB
Is there a way to edit a font with photoshop so that its completely usable by windows? Duckduckgo doesnt wanna help me since it keeps thinking that I just want to add a new font to photoshop, but I want to be able to edit the full .ttf files.
Or if thats not possible whats a decent free font editor thats not too difficult to get into? I want to be able to just draw letters (or in this case numbers since some of them are unintelligible, plus I need to add an ß since it doesnt have it) since the original font looks hand drawn as well.

Also if anyone could maybe explain the legal situation with fonts even though I can already imagine that its pure cancer. For example hipsterish which my customer (who is also my mom) wants me to use, obviously has a free version which Im using now, but also a pro version that includes bold letters and allows you to use it for different shit, see pic related. The primary use right now is for flyers, business cards and stamp cards, so print only, which isnt included in the list of available shit, and I guess since the creator will never be able to find out if a local business uses the font they dont care.
But it is possible that in the future she will also want a website, which ideally should use the same design as the printed stuff. How much would I need to change up the font for it to be legally mine? Is there even anything the original designer can do even in the off chance of them finding the website?
Someone please fucking tell me how can I come up with a good fucking name for my business? If I want a mainstream word you commonly use in real life, the .com going to set me a price tag of $1M or more. Chris spent like 500K for blind, I don't have that kind of money at all. 4 letter domains have an asking price of 20K+.

My name is being squatted by some asshole who doesn't even want to sell it and the website hasn't worked for years. How can I come up with a good name that is memorable and doesn't cost a fuck ton? I don't want to come up with something being squatted on for a gorillion bucks
There was a link to a design agency that closed and gave their secret sauce on how to open an agency; with office format and how to bill. Does anyone still have that link?
>I want to make it big in the creative market but I lack imagination
it ain't hard to find a 2 words domain name that sounds cool
>t. someone whose company is named substantive+adjective
I want to design a logo for a fictional corporation that's primarily text based with a small underscored logo. What's a good program to do this in? Ideally something with an extensive font list or that I can add fonts to
What's decent software to use to make an A0 poster with a decent amount of text on it for a uni project? I have absolutely zero artistic ability.
>>I want to make it big in the creative market but I lack imagination
>it ain't hard to find a 2 words domain name that sounds cool
>>t. someone whose company is named substantive+adjective
Do you even make money tho? I want a appealing name that's affordable
>Do you even make money tho?
I've been living of it for the past 10 years
As long as your portfolio is solid, it doesn't matter if your studio is called "poop on a stick"
Any advice on how to come up with a name then? I was thinking of using a foreign exotic word in a different language but feel like t could deter away from having public exposure
GD is a swamped field right? I enjoy making stuff at a base level and can see myself taking it far, but there's no job in this right?
I would like an answer to this question as well.
File: 1529198442035.png (1.5 MB, 1534x2934)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
How do I change the image to 1600x1200 in gimp (or photoshop)?
depends on where you live. I live in NY, and it's so oversaturated even with all my experience I have difficulty landing a job depending on the time of year. In october, i couldn't get a job to save my life. In may I was able to get some lower paying ones, but nothing decent.

When I was living in Texas, it was really easy for me to land a job. Really it just depends i guess,
File: 5a.jpg (81 KB, 593x341)
81 KB
Lineart. Sometimes i need it when I'm not doing vector and i'm doing hand drawn things. Am I doomed to always have awful, unclean lineart if I don't have a tablet?

What i've been doing so far is using path, stroke and simulate pressure, but it's not as professional looking as i hoped.
Thoughts on contest sites like 99designs? I feel like it's basically a gamble since clients are retarded.
this can be said about any field
if your work is good, you'll have clients

you didn't even bothered googling or trying to learn the basics of the software
you should resample it with bicubic sharper though

that looks pretty good desu but yeah, a cheap wacom is a good (and small) investment if you care about lineart cleanliness, otherwise, do it on paper, scan it and trace over it

don't work for free
only work on those sites if you get the project, no contests
How do I stop AE CS6 from anti aliasing pixel art?
>you didn't even bothered googling or trying to learn the basics of the software
you should resample it with bicubic sharper though
I did but I had no idea what to look for, because of that my search results weren't what I was looking for.
Thanks for the heads up. Now all I have to do is find a way to do this in gimp.
File: 1524187168763.png (616 KB, 1600x1200)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
>you didn't even bothered googling or trying to learn the basics of the software
>you should resample it with bicubic sharper though
followed your instrustion in PS. The result is hilarious and gimp gave me this thing too. That's why I asked how to do it (properly).
File: high-iq.jpg (200 KB, 1600x1200)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
listen Einstein, just stop and think for a second on what you are trying to do
you can't magically go from one ratio to another and keep the image the same
you can either match the height and have 2 black bars on the sides
or match the width and crop the rest

>bicubic sharper
still the right method for reduction
File: 1531955216162.png (589 KB, 1600x1200)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Alright I get that you don't know how to do it.
Someone >>7397496 did this (almost) perfectly. I asked here instead of asking him cause that thread wasn't for asking stupid questions.
>you can't magically go from one ratio to another and keep the image the same
I know that's why I asked.
File: doopliss.png (442 KB, 2067x1878)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
I don't have an art tablet of any kind, so I use my mouse to draw then trace over the outlines with a path tool on a new layer. I like the look, but it takes forever to do. Is there a faster method outside of buying an art tablet? I know how to taper brush strokes, but the lack of pressure sensitivity means they don't taper back at the end of a stroke.
he obviously edited the image. resized with blackbars and then copypasted the floor tiles and filled the background with the same color
I'm trying to make one layer sit on top of another in GIMP nicely, but when I merge layers and run the final product through the program used for display at the end of the day, rather than a stack, I get the bottom layer's lines superimposed over the image I'm laying on top. My first time touching gimp was about sixteen hours ago, so odds are if there's a really basic or stupid fix, it'll help.
You don't have to merge the layers before you export. Check your opacity levels.
What other sites should i use to find graphic design discussions/critique/advice? /gd/ is way too slow, it sometimes takes weeks until you get a reply
Can't find it anymore but there was someone who posted some websites like WordPress but more graphic, do you guys know ? Like some templates shit
File: Untitled.0.jpg (114 KB, 1200x800)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What is the appeal of things like this? I think they are ugly, but boss wants something similar.
if you're a beginner or intermediate, maybe try discord, look on google for communities by searching for "site:discord.me design"
>PSD document has sensitive info
>change said info, purge history, and save to a new file
>send file to someone who should never ever see abovementioned sensitive info
How fucked am I?
Can they see what the text layers used to say in previous versions?

Please help quickly.
Thank you very much in advance.
>Can they see what the text layers used to say in previous versions?
only thing they might access is exif data but that doesn't seem relevant
Thank you very much.

Is there a specific reason why you think so, or you just never heard of it?
File: logo preview.png (20 KB, 503x503)
20 KB
I feel like I'm one detail off, it feels like something's missing, but I just can't grasp it.
What style is this called?
I would say vintage, but I think it's too broad of a term.
Another example.
afaik it's been started by David Rudnick, and it's influenced by 90s/rave flyers. see trendlist.org for some similar stuff.
also, forgot to add, it's sometimes lumped under "brutalism" label, but I think it's not exactly correct. it's a separate style, although they do get merged together often.
Yeah im between beginner and intermediate and im not sure where to go for advice and critique, 4 years in uni barely taught me anything and was just a waste of time and money
Thanks a lot anon, hope ill find some good communities
too much empty space next right to B S
Yep that's it, but I'm not sure what to put there.
File: catch22.png (375 KB, 1374x579)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Any tips on how to make a book cover? Just saw the trailer for Catch 22 and it being one of my favorite books, I wanted to print out mind own outer cover for the book I have.
Pic related is what I wanna use.
File: Wappen_Fachingen.png (68 KB, 184x252)
68 KB
Hello /gd/,
how do I get the attached image to look nice and clean with a nice big resolution?
is there a button or function in Maya that merges all vertices that are in the same position (X, Y, Z)?
I have too many duplicate vertices for some reason and marquee selecting them all / shift clicking is the worst - i know how to shift rightclick drag up to instant merge to centre, but selecting the same-position vertices is the most time consuming thing and i know it can be automated.
figured it out select entire model and use the standard merge tool with a specified difference. OOF
File: file.png (17 KB, 866x320)
17 KB
PS isn't my forte but I need to use it to insert translations into a texture Atlas used by a game.
I need to delete the chinese text but the problem is I don't know how to preserve the opaque background.
File: file.png (3 KB, 128x70)
3 KB
Well I don't know if there was a better way but what I ended up doing was just deleting the text area and losing the opaque BG but then I used the patch tool to take the opaque bg below it and move it in to replace.
Worked great there but I don't know how it'll fare for very small icons with very little to patch or with gradients.
File: 1527758265554.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Is there any way to achieve vignette-like background for a video without heavy banding?
File: 1548672572521.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Banding is more visible with dark background colors and adding more noise makes it look like shit. I need a rather minimal background for a video but I literally have no other idea.
File: lines.gif (1.09 MB, 500x382)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
What program would you use to create something like this, and how would you go about doing it? I make a lot of joke "album covers" for my friends designed around really tacky and overdone vaporwave design tropes, and I want to produce something similar to this for one.
After Effects, takes like a few minutes to do the basic setup.
Make two solid layers, click 3D switch, put a Grid effects on them and Offset to scroll them if you want to animate it.
Add an adjustment layer on top a add a pirated VHS tape effects plugin there.
Then add a camera and position your grid layers accordingly in 3D space. Wa-la!
Of course you will have to tweak it a lot until it looks good.
Alternatively, you might want to try Cinema 4D for a more flexible approach without limiting yourself to flat grids.
i generally use blackmagicdesign fusion for this (plus you could animate it), but if you're looking for something more mainstream blender + photoshop or something similar would work too.
Is it me, or is there a slight overlap in 1920s and 1980s design?
if by 1920s you mean constructivism etc., then kinda. the triangles/circles of the '80s were taken from constructivism.
What programs can I use for graphic design stuff like making shit like llogos or brand stuff for clients? Preferably something that works on an iPad
File: WIRES.gif (170 KB, 800x610)
170 KB
170 KB GIF
How would I go about recreating something like this?
Either in Ps or Ae
>create animation of moving parallel lines
>mask it
>add eyes and mouth
>export it as gif with patterned dither
Thanks, Anonymous. I'll give it a go later.
For a site Im working on I'm thinking about using small illustraions for category icons. The'll pretty much be small banners, on mobike I'd show 1 or two per row.

Is it a bad idea? does anyone have a good ref or inspo for this?
more liek fag design
niger fagget
Why do 95% of serif typfaces look the same?
maybe to an outsider, they do. But do you even know the difference between oldstyle, transitional, modern, slab, etc? do you understand that the old serif typefaces were developed before most experimentation with type started in XIXth century, because woodblock and lithography had not appeared yet, and most type was made for books?
to answer the question, they might look similar, but the difference is in the details. the contrast, the form of serifs, the size of apertures, the axis, the construction of some glyphs, etc. if it looks the same to you, might as well say Helvetica and Frutiger look the same.
File: Untitled-1.png (465 B, 324x36)
465 B
465 B PNG
what would this be called? I want to find more but I don't know the proper key word(s) for this
Fucking INTERESTING reply anon, good job

I should look into the history of typefaces more, the helvetica documentary was pretty good.
Doppler effect?
Monochrome Nascar?
here's a short overview of different kinds of fonts
(the book is Typographic Design: Form and Communication)
here's more about how to tell them apart
this is not exact but "halftone stripes" I guess
File: workinprogress.png (48 KB, 588x590)
48 KB

Question: how can I combine shapes to get rid of the crossing lines (circled in red) without making the star inside of the circle invisible?
Pathfinder panel in Ai is your friend

Thank you!
Any go-to books or resources, or just any topics I should read up on when it comes to web and app design?

I have many app ideas regarding finance but no money to actually pay someone to do the graphic design. So I need to learn a bit by myself.
rather than books go with video courses there's tons at sites like lynda, skillshare, udemy.
I used to use dropbox for sending files to clients but now they changed to subscription, what do you guys use? google drive?
>dropbox changed to subscription model
what? this is what I use daily but haven't received any notification of my plan changing, I pay yearly for it.

wetransfer is reliable, affordable and lets you customize the look of the download screen with your branding or whatever. don't send the wetransfer directly to your client though, send it to yourself and you will get a shortened link that's way more tidy than your client getting a mail from wetransfer with a long as fuck link to the download

if you don't want to spend money, wetransfer still works but has a 2gb limit and links expire after a week
myairbridge has a 20gb limit but links expire after only 2 days
What're your honest thoughts on the Campbell's soup can?
File: campbells_01.jpg (39 KB, 337x263)
39 KB
I don't know why you care about it like it's an "icon".
that said, I think it's a nice example of pre-modern design which anticipated many later design trends.
it's curious that initially the cans looked differently, and apparently the change to 2 colors was inspired by Cornell football team uniform. goes to show that colors are a simple, good way to create identity.
these 2 solid blocks of color proved recognizable, while being really minimalist and boasting some white space—this is especially groundbreaking for the time when deliberate Victorian and Art Nouveau designs still prevailed (see picrelated).
In result they achieved a very focused, powerful, and recognizable package, that was ahead of its time and could remain with minimum redesign over decades. like with Coca-Cola script, their script logo aged nicely, going from trendy font of the era to a symbol of something traditional and American. and eventually it became iconic, if only because of the time it has remained unchanged.
that said, design didn't stand at one place all that time, so while good, today you won't surprise anyone with it, IMO.
What is the serif equivalent of Helvetica?
this can mean a lot of things. what exact qualities of Helvetica do you mean?
What program can I use to make flyers?

I have the creative chops. I just need to make some advertising flyers ASAP.
File: wallhaven-473366.jpg (156 KB, 1920x1080)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Can anyone tell me what the effect on Driver is called and how I might replicate it in GIMP on another figure? I've tried searching online but the only videos seem to be making retro 80's fonts.
so I once heard that when making a font there's only 5-6 letters that you need to do first, since the rest of the letters are derivatives of them or something, anyone knows which ones could they be?
paper texture overlay and some emulated light through a gradient
Promote yourself on Instagram or whatever social media platform is most popular in your country. Spend a little on boosting and you'll get people messaging you. Now I can't guarantee they're quality clients but it's something.
File: kokoro-1_1024x1024@2x.jpg (207 KB, 1240x930)
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207 KB JPG
Crossboarding from /cgl/:
I want to buy a bodysuit pattern from Arachnid Studios for Ichigo, Darling in the Franxx. Unfortunately, every single pattern and cosplay on offer is inaccurate: the artists got lazy and recolored Zero-Two's suit instead of recoloring Ikuno/Kokoro's suits like they should have. I've contacted the artist but haven't gotten any response.
So my question: how feasible would it be to purchase the .TIFF file of Kokoro, pic related, and recolor it myself using GIMP?
Question for designers about printing. I'm new to design, why do designers ask clients what's their printing budget? Is it because colors are more expensive than others? Is there a website that I can check to see the costs to how much certain colors cost than others?

I'm really lost on this matter. Every shit like future always asks the client the printing budget
In terms of how universally it's used.
from my experience designing fonts, start with "u,n,a,c,o" for the basic shapes of your minuscules. And "h,p,t" to get a feel for your descenders and ascenders.
For your majuscules, go for "A,B,T,O,M,R"
Adrian Frutiger is someone who has a well documented typographic process.
paperquality is also a factor. And the type of printing depends on the desired volume a client is willing to pay. makes your job easier, makes calculations easier. and you could even argue breaking down budgets of a client is part of a sales tactic
it's a tough call, because Helvetica is far more universal than anything serif. it may be used for anything from logos to headlines to body type, while serif is usually reserved for body. Helvetica also is also often labeled "neutral", and not without reason, because it fits almost everywhere. compare this to fonts like Bodoni which look distinctive and carry quite obvious connotations.
so if you're looking for SAME level universality, I think that's impossible.
and the closest thing? it's a boring answer, but probably the classics, old style and transitional. both old stuff like Garamond and Baskerville, and contemporary stuff like Sabon and Ms Eaves. heck, even Times New Roman or Georgia do the job pretty well.
Thank you.
File: 7ea586f7[1].jpg (143 KB, 600x600)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
I'm trying to make a (moving) effect like this in after effects. Right now I'm just copy/pasting the original comp layer a shitload of times and keyframing each layer smaller and smaller. There HAS to be a faster/less retarded way to do this. How?

Here goes:

What program(s) would I need to accomplish the following?

I have an image - a cover of a music single, to be specific - the band name's logo has been designed to resemble the kinds of light bulbs you'd see surrounding a vanity sort of mirror in a dressing room.

I would like random "bulbs" in the logo to flash. Further, can flashes occur to a certain speed to match the beat-per-minute of the song?

Also, for the name of the album which is also written on the cover, I'd like each letter to "flash," one-after-the-other and back, repeating for the length of the song/video.

What would I need to accomplish this? After Effects or something like that? I have Final Cut Pro X, if that helps...
you can easily do that in Ae with trapcode sound keys to make it react to the actual song
that one might be insightful since it has some light bulb simulation
Thank you very, very kindly Anon. Genuinely appreciate.
Does anyone know of any typewriter style fonts made before the 30's? Or at least, before 1935.
Disregard that, found something.
Fuck you.
Is there a way to check if a trademark has been used beyond USPTO? I feel like USPTO isn't giving me the full picture of who owns what.
Should I pirate in design or is there a better free alternative?
Why does everyone make their own thread instead of coming here?
Because when they come here they don't get answers.
how do I replicate the dust and straches for a paperback effect like the ones here and in pic related ? whats the best way to do it? didnt see this thread at first so I had to make a separate thread out of it
File: frick.jpg (2.61 MB, 1350x1955)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
>find worn paper texture
>place over image
>set blending mode to screen
>invert and adjust levels as necessary
Results will vary depending on the texture you use, and of course you can always use more than one texture paired with layer masks to get more control over the final result.
but wouldn't I have to rely on the type of texture too much? is there any way to get this effect with varied controls and customization option like a brush would provide?
fuck I meant this >>366558 for you
there's no software like adobe's but their business scheme is predatory, just pirate it like any sane human being

because tourism

yes, those are called distressing brushes
File: UkVilsW[1].png (339 KB, 480x553)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
How do I achieve this effect in photoshop? Or do I need to C4D this?
illustrator 3d extrude
Brushes for this kind of thing exist. Look for "grunge" and "distress" brushes.
Some people prefer to have less control so they don't risk overdoing it, but if you're confident in yourself, brushes are an option.
File: egg.png (6 KB, 682x306)
6 KB
Photoshop (since CS3, I believe) has 3D tools. I've never used them personally, but I'm sure they could be used to make something like this.
If that, for some reason, isn't an option, just draw it out.
>skew shape
>duplicate shape
>nudge bottom shape
>connect corners with lines
Ever draw a cube before?
Honest thoughts on Andy Warhols work?
File: 1557874346222.jpg (90 KB, 616x616)
90 KB
Guys, I'm dumb

I can't find out how to make the background of this pic alpha while keeping the gradients.

Is there a way to do this or do I have to redraw the background
File: 1558104926701.png (430 KB, 616x616)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
In GIMP, create mask for transparent area. then click Colors—Color to Alpha. pick on BG color to set as transparent. adjust transparency threshold as desired.
I don't know how it's relevant to GD.
but anyway, as I understand it, the worth of Warhol is that he did what no one did before him: he bridged the gap between pop culture and high art. like in postmodern, it wasn't so much about just style, but about symbols, contexts, and trying to redefine what can be high art.
thanks anon, I'll try it
File: 1545391827236.gif (2.19 MB, 450x429)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB GIF
What is the best professional-quality printer for home? The specifics that I'm looking for is a CMYK printer that can print in good quality A3 sized print. Though, I would really prefer if it can print above A3 as this will probably reduce the amount the trips that I have to do.

I'm getting sick of having to go there to a printer service to get some mock-ups printed and coming back to do some work with the mock-ups and repeating the whole process again.

I've found this one, but I'm not entirely sure if this is the good/recommended one. There's quite a lot of printers out there and I'm a little bit confused as there's some that's useful for photo printing, which is something that I don't do.
Is there anywhere I can just get some quick simple Business Card Templates without signing up for some bullshit for InDesign? Thanks guys.
try at vecteezy, freepik, graphicburger
thanks man
I have about 12 years of experience with photoshop but have barely used illustrator. I recently saw a job listing that I wanted to apply for but it required the "ability to use Illustrator and Photoshop at a practical level". I have one, but not the other.

How hard is it to pick up Illustrator if I'm well versed with Photoshop?
It's pretty easy, you should be able to feel pretty comfortable with it after a couple of days practicing

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