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File: 1543848053210.png (92 KB, 512x512)
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Anyone use this app? Is it worth learning it?

Also, is there a Linux alternative?
>Also, is there a Linux alternative?

there is no 'decent' Linux alternative to anything relevant so far.
maybe Krita for doing your logo sketches (if you properly adjust sensitivity of Wacom stylus through cryptic shit in xorg.conf so cursor doesn't jump around the screen like a rabid dog).
maybe Blender as C4D alternative in some wa.. oh way, C4D already runs on Linux. cool.
that's about it.
Thanks for a reply anon. I was watching a video on YT of a guy doing refactoring of the UI for a bunch of websites and he was using this app. His skills were impressive as hell and he always produced a marked improvement over the original design. This app has lots of interesting webdev-specific tools so I was wondering how to replicate it.

I use a linux and don't have access to a Mac so I'm trying to find something that I can re-purpose for this task. I guess I'll keep looking. I know that Adobe has come up with something similar but Adobe shit is all locked behind a fucking monthly subscription and it's probably Win only.
for ux/prototyping - InVision Studio, Figma, Adobe XD, UXPin or Sketch are the most used ones. dunno if they work on linux.
Sketch is really nice and resource efficient. I'm just using Illustrator on a Windows box, even if AI has less efficient workflow in some ways for web design than Sketch (even though there are some AI specific layout features that Sketch may still lack).
If Adobeshit + some decent font manager like NexusFont ran on Gaanoo+Lunix I wouldn't miss Shitdows in any way. Thank god someone implemented Fuse on Windows recently so I can use sshfs for headless servers in Explorer file manager. You're basically stuck with Windows or can buy an overpriced, bottom of the barrel quality fruitcakemachine.
Thanks for the list. Out of those Figma is interesting because it's a webapp and I can use it but it's a fucking webapp and I hate webapps for design/graphics shit. Will see if I can get any of the other ones working with Wine.

Have a look at this guy's workflow:


This is where I heard of this Sketch app. I'm not sure how hard would it be to have this kind of smooth workflow with AI.

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