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File: Untitled-1.jpg (1.43 MB, 612x3000)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Instead of using placeholder names, try using an actual band name or event name. Chances are, that your typography won't line up anymore.
File: Vintage.jpg (1.82 MB, 1275x2175)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
I do not really care about that because that is not my problem i wanted to get feedback on the designs, because i want to upload em real soon.
But i will try your suggestion nevertheless
PS that border is what i changed on the 3rd one
File: unloved.jpg (41 KB, 500x500)
41 KB
shit is properly aligned at that's a lot more than what you can usually say on /crit/ threads
it's a show poster, you want the band name to be clear and stand out, your way of laying it out might look good but isn't functional


1st bg looks ok but the colors are a little too safe
>what's up with that little magenta bit by the way?
picrelated is a little too much but should serve as an example, just because it's a bg it doesn't have to be boring

>1/2/3/4 cross
this is a classic hardcore design and I get triggered whenever I see it in another context
it's been also overused as fuck in the last couple of years till the point that most people wouldn't relate it to hardcore but to hipster beard oils or something along those lines

>illustration on 2nd one
this is gorgeous anon, how did you do it?
because I would have bet it was done with >>>/3/ software but the fact that the right one is a mirrored version of the left one and not another rotation of the 3d model puzzles me

ditch this one and start over anon, it's trash and >>359852 is even worse
First two look pretty good, curious how you achieved the background affect on the first one. Grain filter? Third one is pretty generic
I made the model in cinema 4d and i just rendered the pics individually
I just rendered the spiky shit in c4d(including the effects on them) and then pink in the backgound as a base and anither layer on the front with some noise preety simple
Oh shit i am dumb... on the second one i got 2 renders one from the side andbone from the front and with the one on the side i just mirrored it and duped so that is that
MY EYES are being blinded by RAMPANT AUTISM.
#1, there's hope.
Space out the smaller text so its not assfucking the weird center text.
Change the disgusting Pepto pink. Millennial pink is OVER.
Throw #2 and #3 in the fucking garbage and gas yourself. NEVER use the fonts from #3 again. Ever.
"B A N D" is too close to "E V E N T", you need some breathing space.
It looks as if you put some thought in some things, like the 3D and the fancy letters, but neglected some basic stuff.
How'd you achieve the color/ribbon texture in image 2? Just brush?

Really dig the first 2, last one is kinda tacky desu
I made the image in cinema 4d

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