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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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Hey, /god/s, I know a lot of people here know their stuff, and I want your critique on my first tutorial (drawing related). People at /ic/ where I'm usually based can't help a lot.

Thank you!!

P.S. I like what I did in general, even though a lot of viewers might say that the lines are too thin, I kinda like this "style".
you've sacrificed a significant amount of your working area in pursuit of putting all your useful information inside a useless shape that serves no real purpose.

you're working in a 1:1 aspect ratio because(?).
screen are not that ratio. printed pages are rarely that ratio. who is your audience? what are they reading the image on? is it comfortable to view without having to constantly zoom and pan around the image? (hint: it isn't). try reformatting for 16:9, 16:10, 9:16 etc.

the new colours on step 6 are low-contrast. you cannot have both low-contrast colours + ultra thin line weights.

you figure out on step 8 that it's a good idea to lower opacity on the previous steps so as to highlight what is actually new. do this for every step.

your line weight and font weight is borderline.
Thank you somuch for being that responsive, I need some time to digest your info))

The outer big 12-gon shapes (there are two of them, actually) there for a reason: they illustrate the main idea of the tutorial: you can draw an almost perfect dodecagon without using a compass, ruler or any other tool. The seagreen is a perfect dodecagon and the orange one is a quasi-dodecagon. I've drawn them that big to show how close they are to each other. I thought it was a smart idea.
>Hey, /god/s, I know a lot of people here know their stuff

im not an /ic/ guy but this feels too hard to read. if it's a linear progression consider puttitng it just in one linear column or row. having two rows makes it more difficult to navigate the info

i get what you you were doing with the shape. it doesnt serve a real purpose though. i would get rid of it.

need some more variation in the point size. at least for the title.

you need to have the lines that each step is talking about be highlighted so people know what is actually going on.
Thank you for your time, I'll think it over!!!

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