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File: faketimeslong.jpg (1.13 MB, 864x1584)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Does anyone have any tips for Newspaper Design? Applying for a position as a page designer/graphic designer for my small town's local paper, made this to throw in my resume.
This looks okay but nobody is going to take you seriously when your work is filled with video game references.

Swap those out for stories of high school sports and local arrests.
There are too many hyphenated words in the body of the sample you posted. You will need to learn how to limit the amount of hyphens, be able to work with non-hyphenated text and how to justify text properly so that it doesn't create rivers of space that can be distracting to the reader's eye.
I would recommend you grab a copy of the local paper and familiarize yourself with the style. They will have templates set up for you to use should you be successful in your application but for practice you should grab some placeholder text or random articles & images you find online and make page layouts with them in inDesign and try to get quicker with each page you make. In the interview, when they ask you how long each design took -- do not lie to them because you will only fuck yourself in the long run. Just be honest and they'll help you speed up your work if they're interested in taking you on. There are a lot of things you will pick up from actual work experience that you won't learn in college or from learning on your own.
>text not justified
It's fucking trash
Here you go:

- LEFT justify your text with rag
- Turn off all hyphenation
- Remove orphans and widows (single standing words at the beginning and ending of sentences
- Body text looks like it has a different point size in some places, make it all the same
- Remove all the video game shit. Nobody will take this seriously otherwise

If you start there and make those adjustments then we can move onto what else needs work.
First off: Are you using ID? This somehow feels like it came out of Illustrator. I do a lot of editorial design and I wouldn't take it seriously. Think in terms of hierarchy: What is the most important thing? Make it large and the focal point. What are the other important things? Arrange them so they guide your eye. The futur has a good yt video where they critique a bunch of cover layouts that only use type. Also, content: Take yourself seriously. If you want to do VG news, cool, but have a concept behind it. Don't call it "Fake news". Editorial publications need a concept, that's how the text blocks have a logic behind their parts and placement.
It's got far, far more whitespace than you'd expect from a newspaper. Some of this is your lack of justification, but a lot of it is just wasted space (particularly bordering nameplate and lower advertisement.)

The schizophrenic treatment of headlines also makes you look bad, even though I know you were trying to show off an ability to use multiple styles. Rework it so that they have a clear reason for their existence and signal what the article is (for example, NYT tends toward 72pt Roman for fullpage headlines, 36pt italic for major headlines or expansions of fullpage, 24pt italic for minor headlines of articles related to a photo, and 24pt Roman or condensed for headlines unrelated to a photo.)

Your fold is also a little high, the upper-right column is nearly useless, and and you have far fewer columns than standard for a paper of that format.

The biggest problem, though, is that you would almost never see varying-width columns. Even with paste-up dead it's important to be able to visualize a story's length as one very tall column and then both determine how wide it should be and how much the editor should clip out based on that. In an actual print paper it would take all of ten seconds with a ruler or counting lines to tell you whether your Zelda story could be swapped with your RDR story based on which had the better photo; here you lose that and both the editors and the printers would be ready after about 15 minutes to go find the long-forgotten Linotype slugs in the basement, load them into a sock, and beat you half to death.
That said, a lot of this is stuff they'd expect to teach you rather than you knowing out of your degree program - if you just skip portfolioing things you don't know, you'll probably come off a lot better.
File: 名称未設定-3b.png (545 KB, 1080x1639)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
i decided to see if i could do better than op in a couple hours

i think i did better than op in a couple hours, but roast away anyway
Great justification bro, you'll surely land a job in a newspaper
Ways you can improve this:
>In the banner, change the sans serif text to left justify—the spacing is uneven and just nasty.
>Body: Paragraph spacing isn't necessary if you're using first line indents.
>Close tracking on italic headings—they look ugly
>Change headings to left aligned, ragged right—you don't need to fill the column width. White space is your friend.
>Use something else besides Myriad. Try Franklin Gothic (free version on FontSquirrel if you don't have it).
>The headings in the left-hand column are too big and distract you from the main body. I'd use smaller headings in a lighter typeface, and not have them so close to the edge of each box.
>Remove the solid lines from the table above the barcode near the bottom left. The dotted lines are enough.
TIL that Kozuka Gothic Pro's Roman glyphs are just Myriad
Not sarcastic, I actually had never noticed that before, and strangely the Roman in the Mincho I'm using to "match" is their own work.

As for the rest, thanks for the crit!
File: Dwf5CPFX0AYFOoP.jpg (623 KB, 1268x2048)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
stop indenting the first paragraph you philistines.
holy shit all those hyphens look like shit bro and why is your text not ragged it's not hard to do
based f.lux user
File: houston_chronicle.750.jpg (255 KB, 750x1567)
255 KB
255 KB JPG

My cities' major newspaper (Houston Chronicle) always indents the first paragraph.

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