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Every time I have a cool name for my personal GD BRAND that's available as .com, some cunts have the twitter or the instagram wasted on dumb shit.

How do you do BRANDING across all social media?
Id like to know this as well. this shit is difficult at times.
Don't search for names on fucked up registrars like GoDaddy. I did this mistake because at the time I didn't know that they're squatting available domains after you're searching for them only to up-sell them to you at a ridiculous price. Now, the one .com I wanted to buy is taken by a spam website with copy text that makes no sense, some stupid photos, and all the social media links inside are fake #links that don't go anywhere. What I did instead is I used a TLD that breaks the nameliketh.is. It's not perfect, but it was the only solution.
I have came up with some great ones that were unused but it took me months, most short ones are already taken so don't even botter with less than 5 character usernames, its not impossible to find good ones but is hard.

You'll have a few options the best one is just your full name, simple, clear and professional, If for different reasons you don't want to use it then you've got other options;

Using one or two words and/or "design/studio" at the end or at the beginning eg. Ethikdesign, UnelloDesign, KudosDesign, Luck&Logic, FlyingFortress.

A faster method will be using 3 words or 2 large ones, since the chances of people using it will be pretty low eg. BlackHoleVisions, DeFadePersephone, PencilXbone, FromUpNorth.

Another option is using a word + a couple of numbers (better yet if they mean something to you, also the more numbers the easier to find an available username) eg. coba24, Mikro72, Filter017, Absorb81, Cubicle7, Slash09, Deka22, Visform360.

Another similar method is modifying an existing word eg. R3DONE, Lati2d, Sekond, and particularly by repeating letters you will probably found one faster, eg. maat├╝kk, Synergee, Hybreed, Kraaft, Gluboo.

combine some of those methods and you'll speed up the process.

some words you can add
Craft - Kraft
lab - labs
Digi - Pix-el
Neo - Nex
Art - Ars
Ark - Arch
gram - form
I use this
I just use [firstname]dot[lastname].com
I started using the word dot spelled out years ago when I made my Twitter since they don't let you use symbols in your username. It's unconventional enough to be available for everything else since, but still memorable to everyone I show it to.

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