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File: download.jpg (16 KB, 284x177)
16 KB
Challenge: Design a new "post-racial" flag to represent the Southern United States that can be used to represent all races equality and does not share the historical baggage of the confederate flag. Whether or not it uses design elements of from the original confederate flag is up to you.
Impossible. There will probably never be one, singular element that whites and blacks can agree one that’s of historical value to be used on a flag. One group might find one aspect racist, while another might find one aspect to be of irrelevant importance and be offended by its addition. And that’s not even considering how ugly it would be if you tried to accommodate these groups equally.
File: Southern flag proposal.png (23 KB, 1001x601)
23 KB
How about this? It combines the three bars of the official Confederate flag, a triangle formed from half of the saltire of the battle flag filled in, and as an additional layer of irony, its shape also resembles that of the modern flag of South Africa.
Why doesn't the triangle start from the corners?
Because I wanted its shape to be reminiscent of the cross in OP.
File: s-l1000.jpg (83 KB, 1000x837)
83 KB
Do you really want a Southern flag or are you looking for a Rural Pride flag? The United States is mostly divided now by population density rather than by regions. For Rural Pride a symbol already exists and is in widespread use: the Browning logo. It's trademarked so you couldn't make a flag in an official capacity but non commercial use of the logo is so widespread in rural areas that it could eventually be in danger of losing its trademark status.
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (68 KB, 1190x595)
68 KB
why not just go with the last design of the confederate flag?

i've attached a copy for us to discuss
isn't that just the porto rican flag lol

you dumb racists don't even realize it
PR flag has 5 stripes and 1 star, but I see what you're ge-
>you dumb racists don't even realize it
Nevermind, you're a fucking idiot.
How about this? I want to convey a sense that the past exists, but we don't dwell in it. I still think that the horizontal Y shape of the South African flag is the most interesting symbol of reconciliation between blacks and whites that's been created in recent history.

>Don't Tread On Me

This slogan doesn't really fit -- like it or not, most southern state governments don't allow for any citizen referendums, have "right to work" laws that forbid employees from collecting royalties, and everyone in those governments is still trying to lock people up over weed.

The South has never respected freedom. Probably why slavery was such a big thing here.
>porto rican
It's much freer in New York, Chicago, Washington, etc. No guns, no fireworks, can't park your car in your own driveway without current plates, can't barbecue without a permit, can't paint your living room without a permit, the list goes on. About the only thing freer up north is the freedom to have abortions in the fourth trimester.

>inb4 one of you Yankees mistakes sarcasm for accuracy.
Looks like a zipper in the process of being unzipped.
But... why?

>and does not share the historical baggage of the confederate flag
if the states you're defining as the southern US are the states from the confederacy, it's inherently impossible to separate that from the historical baggage of the confederacy.

Maybe we should try not to romanticize half of the country turning on the other half by defining them with separating characteristics and see the whole country as one?

they don't need their own flag, because we all have a flag already as the USA
The South has it's own cultural identity that has existed longer than (both before and after) the confederacy.
Words on flags are an awful idea in the first place. It's a symbol, not a business card.
>no flag that is literally just the outline of the southern states on a blank background

Kinda disappointed honestly.
This is /gd/, not Cyprus.
Try inverting the colors and put the stars in the triangle.
Also make the horizontal line on the 'y' as thin as the other ones.
I'm not really feeling it. The Y looks too much like South Africa, and the inverted colors look too much like Iceland.
File: flag-proposal.png (411 KB, 1001x601)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
I think it's missing something.
Yeah, sorry anon, my suggestion was dumb.
Now, how about merging the triangle with the 'y' and inverting the colors again, making the 'y' blue again and the rest red like on the previous version?
That would look more like the southern flag.
(or not, I don't know, my last suggestion was fucking retarded shit)
ok so listen what about something like this im not good with colours sorry can someone else do that
File: Screenshot_333.png (20 KB, 423x210)
20 KB
sorry forgot to add the image
File: new flag.png (7 KB, 1200x632)
7 KB
File: flag.png (22 KB, 1311x648)
22 KB
best i could come up with, although i don't agree that all races deserve to be represented equally.
Lmao include me in this screencap
File: 66uhhh.png (5 KB, 1200x600)
5 KB
File: 920x920[1].jpg (53 KB, 920x587)
53 KB
"post-racial" flag hahah
fucking idiet americans
Why even have a flag represent race? are you mentally challenged?
What confuses this anon is wasnt the confederacy traitors to the union. So how do so many ameritards think they are patriotic while still fucking with the traitors flag. Also is it impossible to remove the racism from the flags connotation. Its like redoing the nazi flag and saying "hey it's cool now"
I want you cuckolds to leave.
>reconciliation between blacks and whites
A total meme.
The only correct answer. Really what all "post-racial" kumbaya nonsense boils down to.
It looks like a funnel.
dont think that will screencapped unfortunately, gotta be funny
>mentally challenged

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