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I'm planning on picking up a cheap, used, Zotac GT760 solely for the HDMI audio. Thoughts?
why tho?
its plain stupid. HDMI sends out digital sound signals, if the device at the end point has shit DAC your sound quality won't improve.
if you want better sound buy a USB DAC.
Going to be a con in every way. Just use your current GPU or onboard iGPU if you have one.
Create a small custom resolution, hide away the display that goes to the receiver or HDMI DAC/AMP, if needed, use one of these fake display HDMI dongles.
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No-one talked about audio quality, autist.
it sounds like a suboptimal solution, but the problem isn't being explained very well
>onboard iGPU
>for audio
Do you realize just how monumentally stupid you are?
>you want better sound buy a USB DAC
What a stupid meme. Those cost X4 of what they're worth (like almost all "quality" audio hardware) and it's not even guaranteed to work correctly.
e.g. I'm pretty sure an entry-level USB DAC is worse than my shielded high end motherboard's audio.
>e.g. I'm pretty sure an entry-level USB DAC is worse than my shielded high end motherboard's audio.
Obviously, if you have one of those mobos with vertical daughterboards with shielded internals, that use high end caps and seperate controller, DAC and op amp.

I have no idea what his point was anyways, OP obviously has a HDMI device they want to use and wasn't even talking about DACs.
If you don't have space for an additional HDMI output for example, it's a valid use case.
You can run your iGPU in multi monitor mode, use your dGPU for graphics and the iGPU just for the HDMI output for sound. As already mentioned, it's all digital, it doesn't matter where the HDMI signal comes from your computer, there won't be any difference in audio quality.
I mostly want digital 7.1+ audio.
usb interface
This is what everyone and their mother uses for audio. So why change that?
its not that widespread at all, only among people with good mics usually who're some sort of content producers
try with your current gpu first or igpu, but yeah, if you want 7.1, you need to use hdmi
It is implied though, shitty self-projecting bully.
It's implied that a second GPU would make a difference, nobody was talking about DACs though.
Must be hard being autistic.
I can't hear tones above 13khz

what does that have to do with anything? How about USB ports - are they widespread maybe?
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what are u even talking about you fucking retard
this is an usb interface dont say no thats an aidio interface, but this is an audio thread so its not very hard to extrapolate
There are no USB interfaces on whatever that thing you posted
grow a brain nigga before trying to sound all smart
that is a usb interface, the usb port is in the back. it's basically a DAC with microphone jacks on it.
yeah and the earth is flat, brought to you by carls junior

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