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Im trying to find a good graphics card on a budget. I dont have a set limit of how much, I am just looking for a balance between price and efficiency.

Any suggestions?

Im looking at the Gigabyte GV-N1030OC-2GI Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 OC 2G but I still am open to suggestions.
>Im trying to find a good graphics card on a budget
This means nothing to us if we don't know what your budget is. Also check the PC building general thread.
Radeon VII
Wait for GTX 1650 launch next week
I am going to put a basic budget of 100-150
maybe 200 if I can.
RX 570
GTX 1650 (comes out next month)
These are your best bets. Both will get you far for under $200
Rx 570 is the best 120 dollar card you can buy, it has 1060 performance for half the price
From these replies, im settling on the RX 570.
Depends on your budget and needs but yeah 570 is a decent choice if you don't use it for emulation.
>570 is a decent choice if you don't use it for emulation.
Its fine for all emulation except Dolphin, and thats not really AMD card's fault but more a hate boner from the devs. They seemingly have "issues" with AMD cards that other emulators just don't have.
>Its fine for all emulation except Dolphin
And anything that uses OGL4+ like PCSX2, the "fix" is to run it with the open source drivers on linux but even then it only prevents the bugs the performance is still 50% of what the equivalent Nvidia card can do and that's really flocking shitty
You should probably just use Vulkan with Dolphin the support for AMD card is better and it's generally faster anyway with not very many regressions.
Oh, you're taking about linux, thats a whole other can of worms.
Even if people lose their shit over Nvidia's closed source drivers and funky nonstandard framework for linux, they've always been flat out better.
I'm assuming OP is on Windows

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