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File: Cheap-laptop-general.jpg (744 KB, 2518x2000)
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ITT we share our experiences with cheap laptops.
Acers, E-machines, low end Dells and ASUSes are welcome.
>Why would you ever want a cheap laptop
When you're broke or don't feeling spending $1000+ on laptop
>Why are they so cheap
Because they are mass produced. Normies all around world use them
Oh a thread for me
What's a good cheap laptop for running Fortnite?
Samsung Galaxy S10
Okay, since thread is dead, I will share my experience with laptops I had/have or dealt with.
>Some Lenovo with AMD E-series cheap from 2010-is
Was pretty snappy, despite low CPU benchmarks. Had memory slots (like all laptops of the day).
Pretty shitty Chi Mei LCD panel. Super weak plastic chassis, hinges ripped plastic apart.
>Asus X502CA, Intel Pentium 9xx from 2012-ish
Lightweight laptop, with pretty good LG panel.
Cooling system for CPU is oversized (good thing), and RAM is soldered.
Somewhat weak chassis. OK touchpad.
>Packard Bell (Acer) TK81 with AMD Phenom II X4 from 2011-ish
Most reliable laptop I had ever owned. Came with pretty good LCD panel, and is surprisingly well built. In 8-9 years no problems with hinges etc.
Slightly undersized cooling system, overheats if dusty.
>ThinkPad E330 from 2012-ish
Well, it is overpriced. Good keyboard though.
Socketed CPU and RAM. Chassis is ok for budget laptop, but unacceptable for Thinkpad.
>ASUS Vivobook X202e from 2013-ish
Undersized cooling system. Poor quality keyboard. Meme touchscreen.
Decent touchpad.
>Acer Aspire 3 A315-41 AMD Ryzen 5 2018+
Well, it reminds me PackardBell that my dad has in every aspect, cheap, but relatively good.
Shitty Chi Mei panel though. Surprisingly good touchpad (though it makes funny noises when clicked). Cooling system is amazing. 2 Sata slots. All this for $550.
Slotted RAM and headphone jack. No USB-cloaca though.
Just got it. Feels OK.

And special
>Apple MacBook Air 13 2014
Fucking piece of shit. Overheating, which caused SSD to die, despite holes being drilled.
mfw I have a vivobook
>dont like how ugly Windows 10 is and other things
>install linux
>complete brainlet and everything involving the internet and drivers is fucked
>have to go back to using telemetry up the ass
Putting Windows 10 on a USB right now. Do you lads know of any more privacy respecting OS that a brainlet like me can use?
I gave it to my mom, and she finally killed it somehow.
It was decent machine, considering price and size, and all ultrabook thing going on.
But I realized that thickbooks are bros.
mine is still going strong. running kde neon on it right now.
Broadcom WiFi?
Install everything, connect though ethernet to internet and install proprietary drivers (tool there exists somewhere).
Download two broadcom-wl and something else (don't remember) from packman as rpms, install them and reboot. Make sure you had downloaded right kernel version ones.
After that add packman repo, and add those two packages in YaST.

Touchpad? You have to fuck with synaptics configs.
I had spilled tea on it, and probably didn't repaired it well. It worked for 2 years, with fucked up fan... So it is pretty robust.
It was easier for mom to get a new chinkbook on Atom (which are basically tablets, but in usable form with good battery life), since I live in other country.
Oh, I misread.
What exact issues do you have?
$500? lol not
$75 is price now
Let's be realistic. Chad uses AutoCAD and other software, that needs power. Power comes no cheap.
HP Stream 11 model ah117wm. Got it for $119 on amazon. Drivers for everything worked out of the box on Fedora, probably anything else too. Tiny laptop with a decent Celeron N4000 dual-core with good single threaded performance.
Non-upgradable 4GB of RAM though, which sucks infected horse cock. Still good for the money. Keyboard's decent too, though the trackpad is irritating.
$209 for new Acer One 10 SW110-ICT
Those Celeron/Atom/Pentium laptops are too weak for anything, besides web browsing or solitaire.
$266 for new Acer Aspire 3 A315-21
best cheap laptops are refurbished workstations
It would do, considering $266 pricetag.
But Chad needs more power.
$300 for new AMD RYSEN 2200G 3.7 GHz desctop (keyboard and mouse incuded)
>more power.
choice one
More power on laptop is possible. You can actually fit desktop grade HW in laptop with proper layout and proper cooling system.
Problem is that at TDP>45W it is pretty tricky.

AMD RYZEN 2200G - 65W
This is laptop thread.
It is obvious, that you can get cheaper desktop with more decent specs.
Sometimes you need exactly a laptop, that is powerful enough, and cheap.
File: _____.jpg (75 KB, 1024x576)
75 KB
>Sometimes you need exactly a laptop, that is powerful enough, and cheap.
only if (You) homleless
Pre-cummed heaters belong to /tpg/...
It is amazing, that modern CPU can in 3-gen performance with TDP 1/3 as much
When you don't want using uni PCs, which are gross.
laptophomeles people retarded
lmao i've only used a 2014 13in macbook air for the last 4 years
4GB ram
i've been fine
but desu i dont do much other than normie shit, netflix, YT, etc
did some light programming
can do most of what i want to
>It is amazing, that modern CPU can in 3-gen performance with TDP 1/3 as much
t. Inteltard
No, really.
>Ryzen 5 2500U; TPD 12- 25W; Quad core
7735 @ cpubenchmark.net
309 score/watt
>Core i5 3360M TPD 35W; Dual core
4433 @ cpubenchmark.net
126 score/watt

I have no idea about real benchmarks though. Need to google
it not "modern CPU VS 3-gen CPU"
it "intel VS AMD"
anywey "high power" laptops is for homeles people, (or wagecuuking homerenters)
Same shit applies to Intel though.
Even 4-th gen i5 with 15W TPD makes same 4000-something benchmark score.
>anywey "high power" laptops is for homeles people, (or wagecuuking homerenters)
At least not for neets that don't leave moms basement, lol.
My mother got an Acer ES1 because muh big screen
It's a fucking 15" 1366x768 panel that's trash and some shitty Airmont Incel Atom that had 2 GB of RAM, I upgraded it to 4 and it's usable but slow
What's the best /clg/ replacement for it? Long battery life, big screen and lightweight
Or should I just throw an SSD in there? In that case I would love to upgrade the screen to at least 1600x900, but I don't know if you can change the panel
you can run fortnite on a $300 phone. you dont need a $1,200 flagship.
AutoCAD 2003 ran on CPUs that weren't even half as fast as those Atom's
laptop`s score/watt EASY MANIPULATED THINGS
>$300 phone

$300 for new AMD RYSEN 2200G 3.7 GHz desctop (keyboard and mouse incuded)

Nothing will fix Atom.
>What's the best /clg/ replacement for it? Long battery life, big screen and lightweight
Sure. But what about SolidWorks? It is annoyingly slow on those CPUs.
Not really. Try searching single core performance tests
Yes, it is. Try searching score/watt performance tests
Ok. Here is AMD vs Intel
>Ryzen 5 2500u
1677 single thread, 25/4 W, 6.25W
268 per watt
>i7 7700hq
2000 single thread, 45/4W, 11.25W
177 per watt
>i5 3230M
1576 single thread, 35/2W,
90 per watt
>laptop is so cheap nobody wants to steal it
I bought an hp 15-db0069wm for $300 during Black Friday, it had 1 TB HDD, 8 GB RAM, and a Ryzen 5 2500u. When I opened it up install an SDD the bottom case cracked a bit.
dont use maximal power from datashit,
do use actual Wattage on tested task
Computer illiterate guy here. Need a laptop for my mom for mother's day to watch netflix and possibly play puzzle games on.
android tablet
She hates tablets is the thing.
I had an Asus UX305UA Zenbook for awhile. It was a good little laptop until I spilled coffee on it.
>decent keyboard
>3200x1800 IPS display
>great battery life
>SD card slot

The bad:
>Intel m series processor clocked at ~900MHz with “turbo boost” to 2.4GHz
It was enough for web browsing, but I’d hate to do anything more on it.
t. retard
he's asking for a laptop, you retarded piece of shit
I think I have it narrowed down to https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Aspire-LED-Backlit-Intel-Processor/dp/B07JPKYPWB/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=acer&qid=1555305562&s=gateway&sr=8-7
For my mother's day gift. The price is pretty close when I put 8BG DDR4 ram and a 256GB SSD in the first one. Is there any real difference in the first one and the Aspire 3?
im new to this board and not sure if its the right place but

i recently received an alienware m15 as a gift but it gets scalding hot for no fucking reason when trying to play shit on it. i was wondering what a good replacement might be if i returned it
Provide me those laptops with those processors, I will measure.
Fists one is Aspire 3 too.
Only difference is mobo and CPU.
>Buy laptop 45W CPU and 120W furnace
>Wonder why it is so hot
Any laptop with such specs would run hot. If it is 90C it is cool I guess.
Just think about this.
Imagine loading all ( cores with single thread load.
This will cause CPU to enter its highest power state, which is conveniently specified in AMD datasheet (25W in case of 2500u), and not that conveniently in Intel.
Thus you can divide specified TDP by number of cores to get TDP per core, and TDP per watt
>TDP per watt
I meant score/watt
well it was a surprise gift so i didnt have a say in it
i looked into it and its a known issue with the laptop and it reaches over 100c according to others and i feel like thats a a bit much

i rather just get a return and build a desktop with it but im also inexperienced with computers so thats a whole new chore on its own
If you want same furnaces I'd suggest unironically getting desktop, since in that laptop they are throttling, since 100°c is too much.
Is 2500u worse than 6th gen i5?
Difficult to say, since I don't trust benchmarks.
It might be slightly worse, but considering that you are getting better graphics it is better.
We need to make an irl workload test.
What about this ASUS X505ZA ?


Found a deal with it in my country, comes with 256gb ssd, 8gb dual channel ram (4gb soldered + 4gb on slot) and ryzen 5. The only drawback it's the 1366x768 resolution but i consider that just fine for a laptop, less effort for the vega gpu to render while in Dota2 and less heat generated.
AMD is slightly worse in single thread, but better in multi thread I think.
>*chassis flexes because asus/acer/etc. mounted the board directly to the plastic, instead of having a rollcage*
>*dies within a few months*
>*screen looks like an itunes visualizer if you aren't looking at it dead on*
>*has a non upgradeable 40wh battery*
nothing personell, kid.
Holy shit this thread is a blessing, i've just a need for a laptop. Been eyeing aspire 3 but wasn't sure.
There's one question though, why are laptops OS locked to "linux" and win10? Can I install other distros other than ubuntu on them?
I have one of these. For some reason they are really popular in pajeetland, almost every youtube review is from a street shitter
Indians seem be fine with it.
Considering my experience with x502ca, I'd expect weak chassis and slightly underpowered cooling.
>>*chassis flexes because asus/acer/etc. mounted the board directly to the plastic, instead of having a rollcage*
If you think aluminum is better - you are wrong. They are actually worse, when it comes to random impacts. Plastic will crack and absorb some energy, and aluminium will transfer it directly to bga balls.
>>*dies within a few months*
Works for ages, unlike expensive laptops, which are thin and have no cooling.
>>*screen looks like an itunes visualizer if you aren't looking at it dead on*
Screen can be replaced relatively cheaply.
>>*has a non upgradeable 40wh battery*
>He can't afford a 19v power bank
>He can't hold a screwdriver to replace battery
Yes, you can.
Enter bios, set supervisor password, disable secure boot, remove password.
I don't know who came up with this shit, but Linux runs nicely
>45*C at idle
I have installed Open SUSE. Had only to tune up touchpad settings.
Compared to 80 on MacBook that is badass
I don't know about modern Lenovos, but old ones had supper flimsy chassis.
And yeah, every cheap laptop review is from third world shithole. Russia, India, sopa de macaca, México, Bangladesh etc.
I think I need to create data mine form...
Looking for a light browser laptop as well as something I can use to learn programming on, any reccs?
File: 1516306157508.jpg (26 KB, 326x316)
26 KB
>mfw my daily driver is a used thinkpad e531 i got for 100€
So, you don't do anything, besides shit posting?
Then any cheapest laptop with Celeron or Pentium will do.
11 inch? 13 inch? 14 inch? 15?
Based. I wish I got mine e330 like that
Yeah, it's flimsy but then I'm not taking it to a construction site
These are pretty decent. I love hoy they come with a dvd slot but it's empty lmao
I’d say my usage is average, browsing, video, light gaming.
Screen size isnt an issue for me
They rip inserts within 3 years with normal use. At least old Lenovo like old b series.
They are decent hardware wise though.
Then get any cheapest Pentium laptop you can find
Maybe amd a series.
Data mine

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