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Apple is the worst fucking company ever, maybe back when Steve Jobs was alive it was a little better and slightly respectable, but holy shit, he must be rolling in his grave right now.

>Be me
>Few weeks ago
>Go to Apple store to get battery replaced
>Spend an hour and thirty minutes walking around, come back
>They tell me the phone is missing some parts, so the battery is unreplaceable
>Next day
>Go to shitty PcFix, feces everywhere, legit the most dingiest fucking place alive
>ask to get battery replaced
> He goes in the back for fifteen to thirty minutes
>Comes back, battery health is replaced and 100% capacity.
>Ask if any parts were missing, they weren’t.
>Pay the 60$ and walk out

Planned obsolescence is real boyos
but you're still going to be buying another macbook, rite??
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b & r
Apple have been terrible since about 2009

Iphone4+ is a joke the iPhone 4 design wasn't even ment for consumers it was the engineering sample case that leaked and they just ran with it the real case for the iPhone 4 was prob way nicer and curved
And people thought iPhone 5c was a return to nice case but it was poorly made it had metal parts inside that bent so if you bent it it would never go back to right shape even thou the plastic wanted to

Metal phones are retarded
>>They tell me the phone is missing some parts, so the battery is unreplaceable
so, did you care to ask what the fuck parts your factory sealed phone was missing so they couldn't do a standard battery swap?
The headphone jack.
Steve Jobs made that fucking business model.

He was a genius to make a cult of retards that would buy every single overpriced product that his company put out.

Apple went downhill when Woz left.
> Apple is the worst fucking company ever
Judging on how you were raped by them, Apple is the best fucking company. Everything else is average.
wew lad
didn't you ask what parts were missing?
>$60 for a generic chink explosive battery that will fail in 72 hours
>More expensive than Apple's own battery replacement service

Jesus, how much of a technologically ignorant boomer are you?
Lo...look what you've done, even facebooks plebs prace you now, you started a revolution
So you just skipped the part about them lying for the missing parts?

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