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This only costs $100. Seems like it can do pretty much everything that other smartphones can do, minus a 4k screen and fancy cameras, but for the price, it seems pretty good. What reason is there to buy a flagship phone?

texting and taking photographs and browsing the web do not require cutting edge technology
'flagship' phones are literally just conspicuous consumption fashion accessories like beats or name brand handbags

buy used/refurbished from a year or two ago
Always buy the flagships of previous years that have been thoroughly tested by others who spent full flagship prices and now dropped in price
bought 16/3gb for 57$, rooted+deabloated it and got a nice phone until 5G comes.
$1000 phones are a meme, if you read samsung and apple's quarterly statement they flat out say that they raised prices to make up for declining sales due to market saturation.

That vivo phone looks nice, if i was in the market to buy a new phone i would consider it.
Just buy an used flagship from two years ago. Got my pixel for $140 in perfect condition, will get it any day over the chink phone.
the only reason i want to buy a new phone is so that i can finally use kimovil.com
I just use a Xiaomi Redmi note 4
Newer android would be nice, otherwise as happy as a man could be
Never spend more than $200 on a smartphone. Anything more is an absolute waste of money.
yeah doing this is good. never have to wait for people to start developing roms either
Buying a flagship is not a meme. With most flagships you get NFC, OLED, a good camera, some extras in the software, and wireless charging. If you don't need any of that (NFC is by far the most useful), then sure, enjoy ur chink phone. I have A $250 chink phone with a sd660 and android one on the phone and it's nearly perfect except for no front facing speakers, and no NFC.
>Seems like it can do pretty much everything that other smartphones can do
It can, but it's is just a lot less good at doing it
I just got a nokia 6.1 for $180, and it has NFC.
>decide which features you want/need
>make the appropriate purchase

It's not hard.
The biggest advantage of a flagship is a good camera. Personally I'd rather use a dedicated DSLR camera if I'm actually serious about good scenes, which you can easily buy for the price difference.
depends. I usually change smartphones every 3-4 years so I don't mind spending ~500 eurodolars

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