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I am about to leave my house to study in another country in 72 hours. I always wanted to build a NAS to stream my music and videos, specially now that I will be away from home.

Please help, what's the easiest NAS setup in terms of software, I just want to stream media. I initially was thinking about FreeBSD, but I don't think I have time to learn that now.

I already have the hardware: 8 Terabyte Harddrive x4, SuperMicro motherboard, ECC ram, Powersupply, etc. Just need to assemble and install software.

I have medium experience with Linux and basic networking experience, I am planning on using something simple like sshfs to access my files remotely, what do you guys think? please help
Literally install gentoo
Too advanced for me, also I forgot to mention my processor in an Intel Xeon

Some distros I have experience with

But mostly the first two

I am so desperate that at this point I no longer care if it has a solid fileystem like ZFS to take advantage of my hardware feature, I just want something simple for a newbiew to setup that just works.
You can use Ubuntu for a NAS.
Just search Ubuntu NAS.
FreeNAS. It's made from FreeBSD. It has an easy web interface. A guy at Fry's electronics was telling me about how he uses it at home and is very happy with it.
Agreed, FreeNAS for sure. I've been using it for years, no issues. Plus it's really easy to install Plex on it, which can easily handle streaming your music and videos.
Just install ssh on something. You can use it to remotely set up streaming later.
Install Freenas

Port forward that shit

install a DDNS client and get a free hostname at https://freedns.afraid.org/

Now if your ip changes, dns will update too.

Once you're away, do some basic security hardening and you'll actually be able to use it remotely.
This, just set up an ssh server so you can grab and store whatever, whenever. Streaming might also suck if you have shitty internet in whatever country you're going to, or if it's really far away.
Install ubuntu server and setup port forwarding and ssh. This will ensure that you can do basically everything else whenever you have time once you're at your destination.

I use plex for displaying my media, I have a free DDNS client from noip that keeps track of the server's ip address so I can remote into it. I use scp to transfer files when I need them, though I could setup a VPN to do essentially the same thing, but I can't really be assed.

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