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Did you quit cold turkey or did you try any methods to reduce the urge ?

Also how did u start and what made you finally quit the habit?
>how did you start?
Friends were doing it, thought it was for cool smart folx
>what made you quit?
Literally an anti-smoking website with a picture of a handsome dude who got cancer and died at 33
>how did you quit?
Weaned. Every day I would move my first ciggy time back. If you have a physical job and lift it's pretty easy to make it through the day on coffee and endorphins but evenings were hard. I'd start smoking at 5, then 6, then 7...then reduce the number. 3 after 8...2 after 9...1 at bedtime...zero.
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try nicotine chewing gum anon... and after 1-2 weeks slowly switch to regular gum

helps a lot, but the absolute best to stop smoking is by jogging every morning. think about it anon, did you ever feel like smoking after cardio? i can say with confidence that after cardio the thought of smoking makes u want to puke1!!
Juuling is the only thing that helped me quit. I’ve been smoking the juul since before it was a meme like 2.5 years ago. But recently I developed a smokers cough again and started feeling like shit and all the sudden they’re saying juul is as bad as cigs. Fuck bros.
I started because my friends started and I was a retarded faggot sheep in highschool like OP. I quit because one pack in NYC is fucking $20
i quit cold turkey after a couple of years
than a couple of years started again
currently i vape, but will soon get rid of this bad habit too
i am a sensitive guy with history of other substance abuse and usually stuff gets to me so i buy a pack and a bottle of vodka and live off that for a day or two and then it just fucks my shit

have been doing some workouts the last month and it feels good, in fact it's my first post on fit since many years and hopefully i don't relapse into self destruction

what made me quit this time is probably bad habits lower my energy levels and when i'm healthy i just feel i can do more during the day
Cold turkey and because I lost my job.
oh yes i can relate, went running for the first time after starting to smoke and i never wanted to die so bad in my life
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problem for me is that i dont have the self control to not smoke in social situations. one of my friends has a pack with him every time and i always end up smoking with them even though i originally didnt want to.
It's especially hard when im drinking, then all self control goes out the window. But when i'm home alone i don't even think about smoking
Instead of sucking the smoke, I started sucking dicks
same way i quit weed & porn. just stop doing it and do something other instead.
this may sound weird but it helped to bite my finger every time i got urge. i tried this technique with other bad habbits and it always helped. just bite fleshy part of your pointing finger, just hard enough that you would draw blood if you did it bit harder.
I had a sore throat, was out in the cold wind trying to light a cigarette and just thought 'why the fuck am I doing this'

So I went inside, gave my whole pack of cigs to my friend, and never thought about it again
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Quit about 2+ years ago. I started in high school and thought it was the dopest shit, but couldn't tolerate more than a few each day. Began smoking heavily at age 21 when I could buy alcohol. Smoked 1-2 packs a day for about 6 years.
I began a job who restricted smoking on the premises and slowly started smoking less because of it- sometimes you need to be forced to smoke less, I think.
So I tried to get into vaping since it sounded nice being able to get a nicotine hit without the penetrating cig smoke everywhere; took me about 3 months to fully transition from cig to vape.

I still have thoughts about lighting one and having a cold drink with it, only problem is they don't sell them in singles. Vaping isn't the solution though, I think replacing it entirely with another hobby is much safer/beneficial in the long run.
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>quit smoking cold turkey 8 years ago
>started again last year because my life went to shit and I'd rather smoke than take antidepressants
>quit this year, tried gum, now use 2-3 snus per day
>life improving, hope to quit when I move for a new job soon

I dove into the research on snus, the evidence that they cause harm is mixed at best. Shame they aren't marketed as a harm reduction tool. I'd rather not have my motivation depend on nicotine, but I'm reasonably happy with using snus for the time being.
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i havent smoked for long but my eyesight is getting worse, can i somehow reverse this ? im scared i dont want glasses
u gotta add an ocular muscle day
attach 5 gram weights to your eyelids and try to lift that
also buy lenses for occular training (start at 2 grams and work your way up)
u gotta work those eye muscles bruh, and u gotta do it while in a gym

we're all gonna make it bruh
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thanks, chief
Cold Turkey is the only way.
NRT products are a waste of money.
Nicotine is what you are addicted to.
Stop putting drugs in your body.
After 3 days you will be OK.
The first 3 days are crucial.
Do not use nicotine in any way.
Once you have completed this task you will reap the rewards.
Good luck friendo.
If you could only quit smoking or fapping which would you choose?
i quited both are you going to let a 30 year old incel beat you?
this, not even one more
I quit pretty easily within a week or two after smoking for 9 years.

Nicotine LOZENGE were very effective and made it easy, literally didn't give a shit. Tiny lozenges. Went through 2 packs.
Haha challenge accepted boomer
I switched to vaping. Lowered the nicotine until I was vaping 1mg 24/7 to get the fix, switched to 0 nicotine for a month or so then quit that. Every single change was almost as hard as just quitting cold turkey. When you quit remember the trouble you are going to. People to seem to make it past the hardest part just fine. You'll fiend for a few weeks. It takes a few months to not have it occupy your thoughts. Quitting caffeine and/or alcohol at least temporarily can really help. I'm pretty weak willed and I did it.
If you smoke past 25 you're a genuine retard. I smoked for several years in HS/college and quit on the spot when I realized one day that I was mainly doing it because I thought it made me look cool, when in fact it just made me look like an edgy tryhard faggot. Now when I see people smoking I feel pure disdain. It's literally an unnecessary thing that just causes you harm, pisses off those around you, and makes everything smell bad. It's not even like alcohol where it makes you feel good. No one has a cigarette for the first time and goes "I feel amazing! This is so fun!"
I quit cold turkey at 31 I got my wisdom teeth out and just kinda stopped smoking
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Quit 9 months ago, no interest in going back.

Biggest help was probably changing my job where we always took smoke breaks to one where I could take smoke breaks, but I didn't like the guys who smoked there.

Other than that what I did:

- tried to put off smoking as long as possible and distract myself from the urge
-ate A LOT (something to do with your gut hormones I think)
-when you really need one, just smoke a cigarette. Don't think of it like you failed and you're back to day zero or anything, it's dumb. Just smoke, forget about it, and try not to smoke again
-The urge will be significantly higher when you have a pack than when you don't. Try to go without buying one when it runs out
-when someone asks you if you want a cigarette, and you say you quit, smokers will laugh. It is what it is. Also, don't try to convert anyone. I gave away my paraphernalia to smoker friends when I knew I wouldn't need it anymore. A pretty zippo in your drawer is more of a temptation and a leg in the water than a memory
-seriously, I ATE A LOT, and I'm still hungry too often, but it gets better. It's a cool transitional period.
-quit drinking too, relapses usually happened when I was drunk. But I could be drunk by the end of it without even feeling like I'd like a cigarette. They smell pretty bad now.
-I look at smokers on the street, and say to myself oof, I don't want to be one of them. They don't look cool. They look trashy.
Buy generic gum.
Buy bad/unfiltered cigarettes.
Start rolling your own.
Limit yourself to 3 a day.
Stop carrying a lighter/matches. (I found this tough)
Drink milk, orange juice or brush your teeth right before a cigarette.
Do more cardio.
Put all your cig shekels into a jar/account.
Haven't quit yet. I know I should but I just fucking love my cuban cigarillos.
Started because I was in rehab.

Quit because I was doing yoga 1 or 2x daily

gotta replace bad habits with good ones man. Takes effort and consistency.

good luck you've got this
Started using snus
fuck i can smell the picture
File: Silver-Creek-Cherry-Dip-2.jpg (741 KB, 2244x2154)
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How come we don't get little bagged ones like that in america?

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