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>untrained muscles get so worked up you can feel them reconstructing to adapt and cope with your power
Ever had that feeling, fitizens?
File: 1558000685543.jpg (46 KB, 609x512)
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>be me
>forearm pull ups
>fucking hurts
>it hurts SO GOOD
had that experience first time doing high rep medium weight squats to failure
fucking sick, tom platz was onto something
File: cc1510563804837.jpg (14 KB, 325x309)
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>triceps hurts and grows
File: aero.png (1.32 MB, 1344x681)
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1.32 MB PNG
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>new gym
>they have a calf raise machine
>never worked calves before
>try it yesterday
>can't walk today
Use a cane, maybe crutches, you'll walk better and faster when your legs recover.
It's calves, you can hit them every day, I just can't wait to get to the gym today. Still two hours away. But the feeling of DOMS is nice, haven't had it in a while.
First time I did hip thrusts, realized that my glutes were not activating for my entire life, was sore for an entire week.
>trained neck for the first time
>get pump and numbness
>can't breathe properly for a couple of minutes
>take a sip of water, can't swallow it
That is always a turning point in your gym life, when you realise your body had absolutely no muscle mass you work harder to make your body stronger.
>training calves ever
I've been working out for a year and this was the first time I trained them. I feel like my ankles are too fat or something.
Not gonna lie, best part of lifting. Makes me feel like a fucking Saiyan or some shit.
After holiday I am going to do big but boring, already looking forward to it.
Hehe, yeah.
I believe something like shonen can motivate people to get stronger, people who say that's unrealistic are just aiming for mediocrity.
File: D9R9P8FWsAEQVn6.jpg (60 KB, 680x638)
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I wanna be a jojo villain guys, I wanna be Devo, he's 6'5 and ripped, but all I can get with my size is Alessi, sure he's got muscles but he's a manlet who bullies kids.
Anons, remember to sleep, I have insomnia and whenever I lose sleep I lose all energy and motivation the next day, the only thing that helps me when that shit happens is XL energy drinks, and you can't abuse caffeine and the shit they use, otherwise you'll be nullified and you'll need a higher dose.
same problem, and I prefer the energy drink taste, it tastes energetic, like a bull pissed in my can, but that bull was Zeus when he morphed into a bull to reach and bang a girl like every greek myth, glorious.

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