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How to regain mental health?
I feel like in the last couple months my mental state went to shit. I have everyday anxiety, I feel anxious about a lot of things from my look, being retarded etc.
Today was finally a good day and I achieved a lot of things, went to the bank, dentist etc. but most days I'm in front of the computer and I feel shit. For some reason I have anxiety going to the gym altough it's 10mins away on foot... I'm 24 years old virgin, gay looking and I always feel social situations awkward and weird. What could I do to cure myself?
I feel like I'm acting autistically or something but no one ever told me to so its just weird, like every interacito nfeels like just an act.
I don't know why but there is this mental blockade in my head giving me bad feeling when I think about going to the gym. I'm generally an anxious person but I have no trouble going to a place where I don't know anyone, my anxiety instead comes from a place where I went a lot and now people know me and so they know who I'm so they might think something wrong with me or what not. 2 example is my dentist. I had no trouble going to the dentist the first time but as I go more and more I feel like I think about it more and more, same as the gym I had no trouble going but now I get more and more anxious altough nothing bad happens I still feel like people think I'm mentally not right, weird looking or what not. I'm also kinda judging person so it goes both ways. Even if I get told I'm good looking then I feel bad around not so good looking people, same with showing off better clothes or phone etc. I feel judged like I can't be myself. What to do?

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