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File: severe-gyno.jpg (27 KB, 300x300)
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My right nipple is a little bit swollen and it hurts when I touch it. Also it feels a bit hard. What could it be?
either b8 or first time posting, so either gtfo or welcome
are you retarded?
in the medical sense yes
Your period is soon, bro. Or you have breast cancer.
In all seriousness, it could be breast cancer.

Go get checked.
whats your age?
if you're a teenager its normal
it could gyno startings of gyno
but if you are over the age of 20 and you aren't on any gear then something is wrong with you which is causing the gyno
adrenal tumor, pituitary tumor, hypogonadism etc etc
it could be an infection
it could be that you won't stop pressing and touching it, which can aggravate the gland and make it grow

Consider getting a liposuction
>liposuction for gyno
L O N D O N ?
File: IMG_20190613_000028.jpg (813 KB, 1456x2335)
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Is this mild gyno? My Estrogen is on the high side, pretty much have no sex drive for the last few years too
it doesn't look like it, looks like it's just fat, do you have any hard lumps under your nips? if not i would honestly forget about it being gyno and just get leaner and build some muscle

you should also try to get a handle on your test levels, go to a doctor and get it looked at

The doctor said he won't do anything, I've got all the symptoms of high est it definitely looks a bit puffy to me and it gets itchy sometimes anyway I'll be treating it soon

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