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>feel slightly positive about my body
>go online and look at pics and videos of world class athletes and fitness models
>want to kms
also how do I cut without feeling hungry as fuck all the time
Believe in yourself, and you can do it.

Also heard keeping the mind busy with something else usually keeps that hunger feeling away, dont know if it works though.
filling your stomach with water (300~400 ml) alleviates hunger for some minutes. you can use that time to keep your mind very busy and focused to forget to remember hunger.
you can, then, play games. highly addictive ones like competitive games (try increasing your rank, complete missions, earn rewards) or a game with lots of management and planning. you will forget time, food and... life.
Or you can dive into youtube and watch loads of videos that actually teaches you new stuff. You can start at a series called "free to choose" by milton friedman (just type that in the search bar), you can then proceed to see the ideas discussed around today's problems in channels like John Stossel's. it can be whatever subject, i used libertarianism as an example. Jordan peterson videos is also very easy to dive in for hours.
Or just do uni assignments. when i'm programming i usually dive in for hours.
if you have the time, ofc.

Fasting motherfucker, by fasting


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