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Help me out /fit/, because I'm probably stressing out too much over a small thing.

Over past 4 years I've managed to loose over 30kgs, going down from 86 to 54 (5.5" female here) and maintaining the 54-55 for the last 1.5 year. This holiday season I've managed to gain weight again for the first time ever and it's making me super anxious. It's just 3kgs, but for some reason this feels really bad, as it shows that it's easy to slip and let all the holiday overindulgence ruin so much effort.

Now I'm going back to my usual healthy habits, but can still feel the dread of becoming fat again. Is it OK to let things slip from time to time like this? Or am I crazy?
It's energy out and energy in. Take your TDEE. Eat more than it, you'll gain weight if u don't exercise. Eat less, you'll lose weight.
SO, if you want to eat more than your TDEE you're also gonna need to exercise to avoid gaining weight.
Sorry mate you're fucked forever haha shouldn't have eaten that extra cookie, might as well just stop lifting now fatty fatty two by four LOL

NEVER gonna make it
TDEE - 500 calories.
Weigh yourself and change your TDEE every week.
Get a small digital scale for shit like peanut butter.

Use your phone to log calories. Personally I don't use myfitnesspal or anything, I just manually input everything on a note app and then add it all up.
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don't stress too much about it, it's common to gain some weight during the holiday season. Just be responsible for your actions. You overindulged, so now it's time for a cut. Once you lose those extra 3 kg, just jump back to maintenance. ez pz
Is good that you feel bad. It will encourage you to sort it out. It's also OK to overindulgence once a year at Xmas.

Having said that, post tits or gtfo
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>ate a cookie

Thanks anons! Already got my butt back to the gym.
Now post a pic of it here
Bumping for this. PLEASE
>inb4 girl you gonna get a lot of hurtful comments

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