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Me and gf started gym 7months ago
-only me actually putting the effort into going to workout regularly
-gf is hot asian 10/10 etc, no larp
-gf showing a big lack of responsibility, always "tired" "lazy" [insert female excuse to sit on her ass]
-in a way not her fault, her family is a vietnamese market family, never really educated her
-really meant to marry her, really did
-im doing most of housework, cooking, ill eat her pussy for hours on end (its absolute candy pussy)
-didnt get anything on christmas from her,
-i really start to doubt, wondering what kind of mother will she be

What do

Inb4 talk to her: she knows it, we talked for years.. its just hard to give up candy and a sweet girl with a sweet heart. Just highly irresponsible with herself and everything around her

Im just so exhausted to keep this going, not knowing she could ever be a decent mum to my children.
>eating candy for hours on end

Lmfao find a side bitch that cares about you loser
>didnt get anything on christmas from her

did you ask for something? did you want anything? I got stuff from my wife even though I didn't want to get anything, it makes her happy to give me something so it makes me happy

>i really start to doubt, wondering what kind of mother will she be
Listen to me and listen good. All women are shit parents. All of them. They go crazy after the kid pops out. Why do you think all women are fucking stupid? Because they take after their mothers, same with fags and trannies, they idolize women and turn out absolute shit because of it.

If you get a son, on the other hand, he will look up to you UNLESS your woman makes him a faggot, which you need to make sure she doesn't.
yeah my wife gives pretty cheesey gifts but her face when I open one makes me like it
Sounds like she's a spoiled brat who takes you for granted. Nothing you do will ever change her, she'll have to lose something to grow. At best she'll try for a week or two then regress back to her old habits. Dump her
File: IMG_20170104_084227.jpg (1.97 MB, 3088x4160)
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It's probably because you are the only one that want to go to the gym and shes just nice and joins in.

This is what I did to make my gf work out better:
>Make sure to workout in the morning when there isnt much people
>Make sure to have a routine planned ahead, pick up some kind of program
>Make sure you dont ignore her
>Make sure to compliment her a lot
Also if you feel like you guys are having issues training together because she lacks discipline. Make the routine so that you workout 1 more day / week so you get some a lone time.

Good luck breh
The only thing that’s a big red flag here is that you do most of the chores in the house.
Are you okay dealing with this bullshit for the rest of your life? I know I wouldn't. I want my wife to be as caring as I am and I'm not gonna be a slave to some cunt. If you're not okay with that then dump her. You can try talking to her but I doubt she will change
You already know what you gotta do anon. Ditch the fucking lazy cunt. She has no respect for you. She is a succubus that just keeps taking with giving nothing in return. I bet she even sits on her phone while you eat her stinking yellow cunt

>falling for the Asian woman meme
I recently watched a J Peterson video about this.

Basically, she's low on conscientiousness personality trait, while you're high on it. There's no 'fixing' it, she'll always be more lazy and contribute less to housework and otherwise. She can learn to do a bit more, while you can learn to live in a more messy house.

If you want to stay with her, don't push her doing shit too much or just prepare for a lot of pointless conflicts. Also, if she's not really into gym she should just drop it and do something more light and interesting to her.

Another point you bring is the christmas thing. It could be that she's lazy, or maybe she doesn't care about you enough. But you can't know that. Just ask her about it to know more.
>"ill eat her pussy for hours on end"
>relationship sucks
Wow, color me absolutely not surprised. Going down on girls is a great way to make them lose all respect for you.
>inb4 hurrdurr
File: 1537901976975.jpg (87 KB, 479x585)
87 KB
I might even, can do.
You bring a very interesting, very depressing, and im not sure yet, but looks like so, very true point.
She is receptive to domestication.. She is easy to manipulate into anything, which is not a thing I might want from the mother of my children. I can always "out-logic" her, its easy.
I'd be so alright with that
You pretty much defined my life for the past year...
Mmm yeah, we tried some of that, she is just lazy fren. She just won't take it seriously. The more I plan, the more "pressured" she feels.
Nah Im good doing it, its kind of cardio, i normally do after gym so when Im done I shower and relax.
I wouldn't either anon. Thats why I ask the frens, thats how confused about it I am.
Thanks for your input, I think I should. Your mental image of it wrong tho, she DOES look like a hentai character in real life. And her cunt is fluffy puffy pink goodness, she loves to cum her brains out which turns me on a lot.
yeh lel... I kind of want a white woman. But they just dont look as good (on average)
So.. ditch her is your advise. I respect mr. Peterson to the greatest degree.
You can make them totally submit to you tho, they know no other guy will satisfy them like you. They wont want others.
>-didnt get anything on christmas from her,
Find a sidepiece and then dump the bitch. In that order.
File: 1538308869451.png (399 KB, 494x765)
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399 KB PNG
Housework is not really a chore, if you are smart about it can be a mini cardio session.
My problem with her is that she doesnt take herself seriously, as to "Im going to do this" and actually go do it. every single time she attempts to do something, she won't take it seriously enough as to put enough effort in it. That just cant be good a good trait in a mother. Or is it all women that are like this?

Any femanon can shed like light into the topic?
I really mean to get married and im not scared of working hard for it. I just want her to work as hard as I do, or at least close to it.
not necessarily ditch, but
if a hardworking (house)wife is that important to you, admit that she'll never be one.

also, you haven't interacted with many women, have you? they're usually the ones not being able to relax before dishes are done, if the house is messy, there's laundry to do etc.
File: l7bfa7czut621.png (46 KB, 619x453)
46 KB
And after trying so hard for about 4years now...
all that hard work, all the work that it took for us to be able to live together
me hoping that someday she will mature and "woman up" to the task of getting married and having children. and she cant even achieve any sort of complex anything, simple stuff can take forever.
She is the kind of super cute girl that all my family adores, I did adore, until i realized how little fire was in her. no willpower, no strength to move forward with stuff.

I have been giving it all for too long, as to start from square 0 again.
File: 1536007435461.jpg (434 KB, 715x1000)
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actually, i have been interacting with women too much, i had a bunch of long term relationships. to the point that I appreciate quality sex so much, the ability to just play videogames with her and relax and things like that so much, that I honestly am fine, i dont want my wife to be a boring ass housewife like most men do. I want my wife to be most awesome mother ever man.

This world is fucked up enough dont you think...
as to bring children into it and not make sure their mum will be awesome.
She’s a spoiled Asian brat. Vietnamese in particular are a very traditional and conservative people. She walks all over you and doesn’t respect you. You need to take command and start demanding she carry her weight. If you’re not up to that or is she is too far gone up her own ass to listen, gtfo
perhaps take time to revalue your life. a perfect woman that fits all of your quirks won't just fall from heaven to sit on your lap.
dump her
Get a better bitch.
>Nah Im good doing it, its kind of cardio, i normally do after gym so when Im done I shower and relax.
What does she do to balance out the work? The way you worded this makes it sound like you're used to be taken advantage of
If you have kids with her there's a good chance they'll inherit to some extent her low conscientiousness personality traits and/or just won't have a good female role model.
So, she literally doesn't do shit?
Basically, you keep her around only because she has a pussy?
Dump her.
Femanon here.

I would say she is being simply nice for going to gym with you and she doens't care about being fit, which is kinda cute. BUT if you say she doens't care about everything that is important to you and she knows and do nothing about it, sorry, anon: she doesn't care about you at all.

Stop bitching, be a man, have some balls and self steem and dump her.
no green text no read
>sweet girl with a sweet heart.
then why doesn't she fucking act like it?
Wtf man. It sounds like you're spoiling her and she can't fucking appreciate. What kind of gf doesn't give you anything for Christmas. Another red flag is not helping with the housework. She doesn't sound like a good wife and mother. Drop it like it's hot
> asian gf
Ask me how I know you're beta. Also ask me how I know she's not a 10/10, but you just have yellow fever like a loser
why does gasoline smell so good, bros?

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