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Refresh the Feels thread?
Get it all off your chest, /fit/.

>be me, average face at best, kl virgin
>natty 2.5-years-in-the-gym-not-bad-but-not-amazing physique
>at my family's hometown (Europe) in my dad's big summer house with my boys (we are 10 or so)
>wanted to meet some local people our age (town consists mostly of old people and farmers, so most young people come from the capital anyway)
>meet this group of 10-12 normies
>three or four of the girls are really damn.nice
>start conversation between the two groups, hit it off well
>start to chat with this one girl - clearly goes to the gym, that ass and those quads
>get told the next morning by her friends that she's into me
>wtf why would she
>apparently she likes that I'm smart and that I'm going to college abroad and all that (not smart, just not a total neanderthal like her exes apparently were)
>act accordingly, try to suppress my autism, like her back
>we're sitting outside, where I have a rope hanging from the tall porch ceiling (hard to imagine but bear with me) for me and my brother to climb and fuck around with
>she says "what's that rope for?"
>say semi-jokingly "heh, just to fuck around, we're very active in this family y'know"
>"especially you, huh" as she feels my biceps
>almost jizzing at this point
>ff a few weeks we're officially dating and I think I can get out of the virginity hole

I-is this how it feels to make it?
This is not what I imagined when entering a feels thread. Fuck off Normie
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110 KB JPG
I'm 18 khv but I'm motivated to keep improving myself. I've been lifting for 3 months now and gotten a considerable amount of muscle. I'm doing well in college but I'm not doing great socially because I'm fucking retarded. There's this girl I asked out in the beginning of the year and she rejected me but now she keeps texting me instead of avoiding me which I find weird. Overall I can't say I am where I want to be but I'm moving along. On a good feels side not I also hit a mini growth spurt and went from 5'11 in June to 6'0.5 currently.
File: 1537577677358.jpg (8 KB, 249x203)
8 KB
>one year later
>thought i had forgotten her
>tried to avoid her the last 12 months
>short and cold days makes me remember her
>didn't help at all
>i haven't forgotten her
>gym is progressing slowly because a lot of stress and bad health
i dont want any of this
I'm a 30yo kissless handholdless virgin and I feel I'm trapped. I want to go to a prostitute but I get diarrhea from all the stress when I even think about actually doing that. I could go on a date but for how long can you pretend you have any kind of experience? I could also be open about my lack of experience but then she'll think I'm weird. I just don't know what to do.
Days pass by filled with work. When I'm not tired enough I go on a stroll but when I finally get home I just waste time until I go to sleep.
Every now and then it really hits me how inexperienced I am and how difficult it is to start at my age and then I literally just fucking cry.
Depending on how it ended, reach out to her. The worst thing that can happen is her rejecting you. You have nothing to lose.
I just want to live a life of meaning... but I fear I'll never know what that means, living meaningfully.
File: 1518288681703.png (247 KB, 578x588)
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247 KB PNG
>Can't seem to get past the video or telephone interview stage for graduate schemes.
>Promised myself when I was being treated for cancer I'd get there.
>Only been to one assessment centre, but fucked it up due to inexperience and nerves.
>Assessment centre was an EXACT 50% split between the sexes.
>Realise I'm actually fighting just against other men for >50% of the spots at assessment centres.
I'm starting to think god just enjoys watching me fail, as he takes more of my soul away. With each passing day.
File: 1531403919463.jpg (202 KB, 1111x1111)
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202 KB JPG
i dont even want to be back together with her, i have neither time nor the energy to be in a relationship. i just want to get rid of these feelings because they are not helpful.
>Throw yourself into your work
>Disable her instagram story updates, facebook feed and other social media.
>Start a new hobby
>Set new goals at the gym
>Go out with friends.
>Use dating apps to talk to other girls.
My 2 cents.
File: 1537888435516.png (266 KB, 916x335)
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266 KB PNG
>Throw yourself into your work
doing that as much as possible
>Disable her instagram story updates, facebook feed and other social media.
i dont have any social media
>Start a new hobby
started going to the gym and some art stuff
>Set new goals at the gym
will try that
>Go out with friends.
i really hate going out, my friends dont do shit during the day and i go to bed around 10pm because i need my sleep and i don't drink, both because i need to take care of my health. but "going out to get shitfaced" seems to be the only hobby of people my age.
>Use dating apps to talk to other girls.
i live in bumfuck nowhere, but i'm trying to talk to girls from further away to get some social gains.

i'm trying to spend all of my energy on work and gym, but wel... appreciate the effort though.
>be me, play guitar in a jazz band
>also khv
>cute girl does solo acoustic guitar and singing set after our jazz band set
>approach her after. note kind of had a crush on her since ive seen her around playing before
>compliment her on her set
>she continues to stare at her phone and then call out to one of her friends and leave without even looking at me
its not fair bros
If nothing else, time heals all wounds.

I still talk to my ex, who I felt a real connection to. I know the odds are against us getting back together but there's always a chance.
Remember anons. Our greatest gains are the ones we make by lifting up each other.
>Herniated and bulging disc
>havent been able to lift in 4 months
>Losing gains fast

Hold me
>Has cervical herniated disc
>upper right constanstly sharp pains from any anything
>6 weeks in entrophy hardcore on the right side

I just want to end it already
>trying to fugg girl who's with some guy who doesn't give a shit about her
>start talking to her everyday
>start unconsciously manipulating her
>tell her a bunch of sweet nothings
>this has been going on for a couple weeks
>go out last tuesday
>tell her I like her and want to be more than her friend (actually I wanna smash)
>she says she likes me too, but she also likes the guy she's with
>try to save face, tell her this changes nothing and we can still be friends
>today she tells me she broke up with the guy
>been telling her a bunch of sweet nothings all day long
>might get to smash

Part of me actually feels bad for being such a manipulative cunt, but the good part is that she's actually pretty cool, so if the sex is good I might actually make her my gf or some shit
My best friend is getting taken out of my life next week. Even though I know we will still talk it wont be the same as talking for hours in person each week.
Im really gonna miss her
How tf do I cope with this shit the more I self improve the more people like me, but one of the only ones who actually gets me is leaving for reasons out of my control
Mine are in my lumbar section.
L3-L4 and L4-L5. Constant pain in the bottom right side of my back. Cant do anything without pain. Nothing helps. No gains left. Losing hope
I’m a little bit younger but I’m in the same boat.Tempted to see a hooker but I get nervous at just the thought.
>two bulged disks
>massive pain in my legs and back.
>deadlifting makes me weep and sometimes collapse with pain
I get the fuck back up and do the next set.
>Start uni about two and a half years ago
>Become friends with girl
>Always together in lectures
>Smartest person I've ever met, successful in literally anything she does and attempts
>Not conceited or arrogant despite all this
>Can feel it within me that she is slowly becoming my oneitis
>Try to resist
>Too pussy to make a move, mainly due to insecurity because I feel like a stupid loser compared to her

This was the situation about 1 year into university.

>Do my best to get her out of my mind as anything else but a friend, tell myself I would suffer even more if I had her as a girlfriend who is better than me at basically anything
>It kinda works, focus on my own life more, things go well
>She meets this guy
>Skips lectures to spend time with him, always talks about him
>Tell myself it is only just, good for her to have found someone she likes
>The jealousy still eats me up inside
>This goes on for a while, though they are not officially together, I suspect they either would be soon or that they are fucking, though I never had any certainty
>Never seems to develop into anything serious, and eventually, after strenuous efforts of redirecting my feels into lifting and studying, my jealousy subsides
>Her birthday party, the dude is also there
>Shooting the shit, enjoying myself
>It is late and dark outside, see the two of them talking alone, in each others arms
>Feel no hint of jealousy
>Finally, I am cured

This was about half a year ago. It turns out this was a sort of farewell talk, and they never saw each other again after this day. Fast forward to today;

>Go to party together, have a great time
>She drinks too much and becomes talkative
>Tells me about the sex she's had with this guy back then, but that she never wanted anything more from him but he did, which is why they went separate ways
>Though I did suspect it, now I know
>Though I thought I was over her, all the feels return and I feel like shit

Growing real tired of these purposeless feels
Youre going to fuck yourself up more my man. My doctor said my continuation of lifting initially herniated my bulging disc. Now I have one of each
File: image.png (565 KB, 947x495)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
Why didn't you make a move earlier you dumb cunt. It would have been 10x easier for you
Okay man I might be able to help you here. I'm in my second year of Uni and experienced some similar shit.

>Be me
>Start Uni with the idea that it will sort out my depression/anxiety and that I will make nice friends
>In my flat meet this girl, we have a stupid amount in common, read each other's minds etc.
>Slept in the same bed as her twice (maybe three times?) in first term, she's hot as fuck like an 8/10
>Few more times in the first few weeks of term 2
>Didn't make a move because she felt like the first real friend I'd had who wanted to get drunk and stuff (I had anon friends, but had never met any that wanted to do 'social' stuff) and I was utterly PETRIFIED of losing her (oneitis I think) as a friend...also a virgin
>we get off 4 weeks into second term
>mfw she says she thinks it would be better if we stayed friends
>okay I can live with that
>Every time I get remotely near another girl she starts hugging me, stroking my arm or whatever
>Tell her twice, once sober, that I have feelings for her, she stalls twice
>first time "I don't know anon, I mean, you fall in love with everyone so easily"
>Second time (drunk) "I don't know anon, I'm not ready for this, I'm not ready for any of this, I'm not ready for a relationship"
>tfw two weeks later she gets a bf
>tfw I find out through someone else
>confront her a month into term 3 - "Stacy, why did you tell me you weren't ready for a relationship then started going out with someone else"
>tfw she tells me that "I don't remember that conversation" and also that she'd met up with him three times over the Easter holiday (I live in London, so does her Dad, she would always tell me how she never had time to visit me when she was with him because she was always busy, but she somehow met up with her future bf 3 times)
>this hugging/arm stroking shit carries on
>she keeps 'randomly bumping into me' in the club and rubbing her tits against me
>tfw she puts her head on my shoulder on the bus

Man I am in the exact same boat. 12 months ago today I fucked up. Am planning to get shitfaced later to commemorate but I dont know. A while back I threw myself into sobriety for her, but it was too late. Didnt do it for the right reasons I suppose.
What you have to tell yourself is that life goes on. You will find new friends and go through new experiences-as you self improve, you will meet more people who do get you. You’ll also be able to still talk to them even though it will change. Believe me, I know it’s hard.
Had sex with a girl from tinder a few nights ago. I wasn't a total virgin I had smashed a couple uggos before but she was by far the most attractive girl I have been with (extremely cute, kind of skinny fat though she would be a 9 if she hit the gym). I was obviously nervous and lost my boner when changed positions. I thought I fucked it up but she text me the next day saying we had a good time and the e should hang out again.

Is there a better feel than the silky smooth skin of a naked girl lying in bed next to you? I have not felt one.
Sell your items and go travel Thailand

Then term ended and I was utterly heartbroken. The worst part was that I was living with her in year 2 as well!

BUT then I went to work at a Summer camp in America for the summer. I met these two or three REALLY attractive girls, two of them tried to sleep with me (but I fucked it up due to anxiety lets not get into that).

Point being, I realised my value. I realised, hang on a minute, if these three:

1) Peng as fuck
2) Intelligent as fuck
3) NICE people
4) They were all 22/23

Like me, why am I fawning after this one bird? She then started messaging me a bunch of angry passive aggressive shit on Facebook about our next year house and I was like what's the point in this?

I think the pain stems from the fact that that girl plugs a bunch of emotional 'holes' in you - what you need to do is to fill those holes yourself by fixing them, as I did.

I was in love with her because I viewed as her as the best I could get, like she was 'within my grasp'. When I realised I could do better, I grew as a person, and my self confidence grew.

Suddenly now I see her for what she is - a nasty, horrible little girl. She's rude to me and rude to everyone else except her one best friend. I still have some feelings for her, but I promise compared to what they used to be it's like a 1 or 2/100.

Just work on your self confidence man! Once you start to, you'll rise above your need for her and hopefully the feelings will subside!

God bless man, we're all gonna make it.
it's actually insane how much more thai girls like me
>have tinder for a year
>barely 50 matches
>get tinder gold on sale cause i was bored
>set to bangkok
>one day later 155 matches
They want any white guy m8
Don't do it bro, hold that streak. We're all gonna make it
i know but damn dude
if i go to bangkok right now i know for sure i could fuck a 31 year old nurse
File: one_day.jpg (62 KB, 500x500)
62 KB
Thanks man, glad you could overcome your feelings for her and realize what you're worth.

I'll keep working on myself and hope that one day, I may, too.
I've already fallen off the wagon a few months back. We actually got back together at the end of last december, but she left for good exactly 6 months ago today also because of some drinking shit I did.

I dont mean to drink hard, its just the only way I can turn off a lot of the things I think. feels bad man
File: 1510610871586.jpg (1.05 MB, 3264x2448)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
I don't enough social company and am thus awkward as fuck... Which leads me to getting anxious over any real social interactions... It turns into a bad cycle of autism. What can I do guys? Existence sucks right about now.
Honestly mate I realised I'm good looking and with some gym gains could look like a solid 8.

Just have a deep THINK about what makes YOU happy and what YOU want.

As depressing/weird as it sounds, I found having cold showers (like as cold as possible, turned the bathroom hot water off) and thinking about really painful thoughts helps deal with them.

I got over a lot of anger with her by crying in the cold water, I put on "And I love her" by Kurt Cobain and just sat in there for 20 minutes. My back went numb.

Some hard shit but I felt soooooo much better, felt like I'd healed and finally gotten over my pain!
I lay in my bed every night wondering if I’ll be grow old as a single man. I know you’re not supposed to lift for women, but guys, never getting married is fucking pathetic. I would almost certainly kill myself if I was 50 with no kids and no wife.
I'm so fucking ugly I get sad whenever I stare at my own myself in the gym mirror, so I gotta focus on the muscles. My friends often associate me with a skull
How old are you now
What do you mean with a skull wtf
I-I'm still a virgin tho
Ah you got plenty of time man just keep improving yourself and talking to women. You’ve probably heard this 10000 times but it works. Good luck bro
File: q.png (226 KB, 684x720)
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226 KB PNG

My face, I mean. I got that weird ass depression on that part of my forehead like pic related, except I'm not as handsome, and my hair isn't as long so it's more pronounced.
how the fuck have you not fucked yet if you have been dating for a couple weeks now?
Ah, I get you. I have a decent bit of GAS syndrome. It sucks, the only thing we can do is minmax facial looks and just fucking lift.
We live in cities 2h~ apart, so Ive only seen her a couple times after we came back from my dad's hometown. Im a beta I gotta tread carefully.
that is the worse way to behave. holding out for hope.
File: pigdeon guy.jpg (38 KB, 500x544)
38 KB
i'm just genuinely not happy with my life despite massive improvements the past year. the little bit of success i've had makes my shortcomings more apparent and leaves me hungry for more, i feel like a loser. i'm constantly comparing myself to my friends who all have careers and hot girlfriends that love them, and i'm slowly learning to accept the fact that i'm just not an attractive person and i'll never drive a girl crazy and have them smile at me or hug me.
there are more important things in life than grills anon. create or discover something; build a business; become a musician, author, scientist.
I thing my emptiness stems from lacking a passion or genuine direction in life; something i truly enjoy doing and can work towards living off of. I want a passion far more than losing my virginity or having friends.
>there are more important things in life than grills anon
i know, but it's not just the girls, it's everything in my life. i don't have a car, i'm a wage slave etc. everyone else has a life. i don't
When everything else fails, you can just say fuck all, sell everything you own and move to another city, country or continent. If you really feel that your life can barely be worse.
Why the fuck can't you go after single girls?

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