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Do suspenders only look good on Broad people?
If you wear them, do you wear them like they have to be worn or do you let them hang.

Also, what pic related
You'll never be Arthur Morgan
i dont even play rdr

i am trying to find something where i do not look to much like a nazi
I'm a suspender-waring, broad/muscular dude and have been complimented numerous times on my fashion sense. In general, I believe suspenders look best on someone with some muscle; round bowling ball shoulders and chest that creates a good amount of space between the suspenders and your stomach.

Your suspenders look decent on you, but clip suspenders look bad and it's a bitch to constantly check if your clips came undone. Spend a bit of cash to have someone sew buttons in your pants (or do it yourself). Also, those pants are pretty shit. Cargo pockets and suspenders are autism; get a bag if you carry so much shit to need so many pockets.

Also, suspenders are catnip for art hoes.
Maybe if you get it with proper proportions.
File: brush.png (433 KB, 355x742)
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I do it and I have the body of a kokoda survivor
looks pretty bad
nope. however square frame is required for suspenders to look their best.
wide frame is not a necessity for suspenders but square frame is.
any do's and dont's with suspenders? such as no tees with suspenders or what to match it with

Dont wanna look like this
Cute cat
I’m a pretty big /fit/-a-holic and cannot wait for the day where my fat will start to settle in. My chest and shoulders are already huge in relation to the rest of my body, I just need to gain more weight.

That and facial hair. One day I’ll be sporting a terrorist beard...

Until then, wearing suspenders is akin to suicide.
> Suspenders match with business casual clothing (collared shirts, slacks, oxfords, etc.).
> wearing them with "regular" clothes makes you look like a try-hard ,a character in a Charles Dickens novel (like this dude >>14095283) or a old dude (akin to Red Green).
> Slim fit pants work well if you have a body for it
> Wear a jacket when traveling
> I like canvas colored suspenders. They are pretty safe.
File: 96571356_o3.jpg (51 KB, 440x550)
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but they come with brace buttons on the inside, what can a fellow do

also what's up with clip ons

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