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>goes to girlfriend's house
>her 9th grade brother is wearing an ahegao hoodie
should i break up with her?
Does she wear an ahegao hoodie?
kick her brother ass and tell him to stop being gay,break his computer and tell him that being a ironic weeb is trash and that orbiting cosplay thots is also big gay.
no but she thinks it's funny and isn't embarrassed when we're all out together
>Sister's boyfriend comes by
>Nice enough guy but I think he has some kind of autism
>Still not too sure why my sister dates him
>Wearing my cartoon hoodie
>Sister's boyfriend gives me a weird look
>He asks why I'm wearing my cartoon hoodie
>I tell him I like it and I'm not too concerned about my appearance
>He laughs in my face and starts telling me about his outfit
>Breaking down each item of clothing for ten minutes
>Tell him that's cool because I don't want to hurt his feelings since it seems like he spent a lot of time on his outfit
>Go back in my room to play video games
>I hear him mumbling to himself about 'telling the guys on eff ayy'
not a for sure breakup but definitely a red flag
>9th grader wearing a hoodie covered in hentai pictures

That's kinda fucked up.
Fuck who are you

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