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How is "high-end streetwear" differs from fast-fashion again? These clothes only exist because of the generated hype, there is no value to them. No one is going to wear these 5 years later.
>inb4 overproduction
it's a financial decision, not a moral one
D&G parachute bombers and Helmut Lang mummy jeans are extremely desirable now, yet approach two decades in age; these are very unusual & uncommon pieces. There are lots of garments from that era utilising bondage straps & harnesses etc- but it was popularised by those pieces, and they are now seen as iconic.

Currently there are lots of reconstructed/hybrid garments such as the Vetements puffer in your pic. It will likely be desirable in the future because of those characteristics, and also because Vetements (a revolutionary brand of our decade) popularised it.

Vetements DHL t-shirts & Balenciaga political campaign t-shirts will become desirable because they were influential pieces during this era of fashion. Oversized Vetements & Balenciaga puffers will become desirable for the same reason.

It isn't just brand hype, this is actual significant clothing.
the way i see, those pieces you mentioned had actual thought behind it.
brands like vetements only have irony. they take inspiration from poor russian and eastern european towns where people cant afford clothes that fit them properly. they dont have any ideas or creativity, only pure mockery. thats why i think it wont last. its already going for half the price
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>Vetements (a revolutionary brand of our decade)
it is cus meme irony etc is now a thing becus of it

>5 years

revolutionary is an overstatement but if you're denying that denma in general has been hugely influential on modern fashion you're actually clueless. i don't like vetements or balenciaga but they're clearly important.
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denma already has created a niche for himself in the antifashion world. not to the extent of say raf or rick but there are people who rock head to toe vetements/balenciaga and if and when he does leave balenciaga, his cult will also follow. cant say the same for other brands like off white and heron preston.

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