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I like canping but fuck the hot and bugs and solid ground. Hate HATE noisy horseshit generators. Live in north oklahoma. What kind of solar amd deep cycle battery bank would i need to run a 15,000 btu window ac cranked down as low as it will go and assume it runs non stop never getting to full temp?

I'm building a trailer to haul panel aray and batteries for plug and play.

Kinda new to this stuff but i am looking for a ballpark guestimate.

There is some wind but it's out on the lake. I'd have to tie a wind turbine to a bouy and anchor it.

Plus, if I'm canping 1 night a d its cloudy i want to be able to still run ac and be comfy.
Sure you can. People here have solar setups big enough to build houses and run AC's. Solar is the future.
Let's assume you got this:

Using its energy efficiency ratio, it consumes 1289 watts. So you'll need solar panels and an inverter that can supply that many watts (research that yourself retard). Batteries would be nice, but if you only want to run in during the day when its hottest you could get away with skimping on them.
>I like canping
No, you clearly don't.
Go buy 1500 * 2 watts of panels and 1.5kw*h*8 worth of batteries.

Post pics.
No. Am amerifat. Hate bugs. Like my ac.

I will do some figuring. Thank you anon
Glamping then?

Fine. I like drinking beer on the lake with bros and not getting another dui or kill someone. That better?
Better. Wish I could be there for when some random person decides to fuck with you and endlessly unplug your ac.
Came here just to say that taking drugs (and making them) is awesome and fuck you OP
Oh fuck, I'll bite.
Good panels are about 250W/m^2. You will probably have about a 25% capacity factor, and another 20% inverter loss, so a 1.3kW A/C will require about 6.5kW worth of panels, or 26 square meters. Figuring you have a nice sunny spot with some 8 hours of usable direct sunlight, 16 hours of storage plus inverter loss comes to 25kWh minimum storage requirement for clear weather 24 hour cycle. I'm not going to deal with clouds, you have enough figuring out how to put that much in a trailer and make it easily deployable.

Good luck Okie anon.
They won't maybe once or twice but typically my bros aren't total faggots. I'll hardwire it anyway tho. Thanks
Fair enough.

OD and fry your brain on acid like scrambled eggs. Be an even more useless waste of oxygen theiving trash than you a ready are if possible.

Feel free to fuckoff out of the thread. Then when you get there fuck off again. And after you're done do the world a favor. And after you're done going and fucking yourself draw a warm bath
Grab a razor blade. And commit the abortion your mother should have had.

Take care cuck!
Now THIS is spoonfeeding done right! I appreciate it anon! Building frames and stacking in layers on tracks so i can just grab the end and take off walking until it bottomes out. Pin on support poles along the way. Should be easy enough. Got my buddy brainstorming low effort deployment as well. It will be nice because I'll have all of this tied to my grid and home. Then just unplug and haul dick.

I appreciate it bro
Are you Rarted?
>1.3KW A/C
>6.5KW panels

you need a total of 6 72 cell panels. they are 6ft by 4ft. You can fit 3-5 across the top of your suv/pickup and another few on your camper tailer.
you only need 9000btu for such a small space. that's a max load of 900w
Get a unit that runs straight off DC for 0% conversion loss.
Get a mppt charger for lower charging loss.
Storage, For storage, get roughly 45Kw of storage, or 36 100A 12V batteries.

The storage is by far the most costly, but the 24hr runtime doesnt help. I even cut your runtime down with my math here for you because meeting it would be impossible with size constraints.

FOR more logical setup, consider a caravan trailer and heaps and heaps of insulation. get your compressor duty cycle down to 20%, scale everything down accordingly.
A sensible setup at that point would be 4-5 300w panels, and about 10-12 100ah 12v batteries.

Alternatively, buy a Tesla model 3, load it onto a trailer, sleep in it with the A/C on.

Okay, last time I looked for a DC air conditioner, I got a severe case of sticker shock. They do exist, so maybe we can save.

I personally live in a camper and have the AC running 24/7 because of a sick dog that can't breathe over 70°F, so I didn't question duty cycle... Yes, you can save all of these ways.

Okay, let's say an 800W DC A/C running at 50%. Still a 25%CF, no inverter loss in this s scenario.
So, 800W×12h (avg) is 9.6kWh consumption in this cycle. 800/.25=3.2kW of panels, just under 13 square meters. Minimum storage requirement is dropped to 6.4kWh .. Considering the cost of batteries, this is probably much better... If you can manage a 50% a/c duty cycle.
While you're not camping, you should figure out how to hook the panels into your house since it'll be a waste to have them doing nothing.
Honda generator with spare tank and a 100' extension cord
>methanol fuel cells still not ubiquitous
We got the shitty timeline
That was the idea, yes. Basically a portable home setup that will be tied to the ground at home when not mobile.
I was planing on keeping it off during the fullest sun hours whioe we play on the lake. But in the evenings when there is no breeze and fucking jumanji misquitoes i plan on using the ac set about 70°.

Sorry about your dog. Mine are getting pretty damned old and when they go I'm not sure i could stand to have another poor 4 legger that isnt a barn cat
Kek. Tempting. Ive wanted an electric car since the EV1 got ninjad by uncly sam.

I think i could swing the 1,000 or so ah batteries with 6v Trojan T-105s. 2 make 120ah 12v. I hear 24v is even more efficient and i could likely find a golf cart charger to ensure the batteries are topped off. At least in the beginning of the trip.

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