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Ok guys
bought a fixer upper like /diy suggested
Belts are a bit worn so replaced them and some pulleys worn replaced too
Dropped the deck off and cleaned up. When reattached the Baldes are engaging on start

When the cutting height is at its lowest its fine but when up high it chokes out

Seems like im forever adjusting back and forth. No answers on Google..not even belt diagrams for reference

Local mower centres don't want to know as it isnt from them or new

Wheres the go to for help?

Im adjusting the deck forward now but was told thats a big no no
But I don't know where else to adjust
If you expect an answer that applies to your mower, you should at least give the model.
Even better of clear pics of where you reassembled it wrong with the wrong parts.
can this thing even be a 'fixer upper'?
i bought a brand new john deere a few years ago and the tranny is shot after less than 100 hours. a new tranny is $500. and parts are not available anymore (the input shaft & ball bearing and the damaged bevel gear).

Wasnt sure if it was so specific
Its a 40'' mountfield 2005

Nothing assembled incorretly..just a few issues with getting the right balance between belt too loose and too tight

Does that mean adjusting belt from engage lever, or deck back and forth

Are the mower ride on market just a giant scam area. Designed to fail so quickly?
no one got any tips

it isn't the model in the picture, it's too new, didnt have a picture of mine
>no one got any tips
because you gave a brand and year but not a model
I looked on the Mountfield site but without a model number there's no way of knowing which one is yours.
>needing a ride on mower
Lmfao just get a push mower and let most of it turn into fields. Bonus points if you fence it in and run some goats or a cow/horse
Its under the castelgarden range it seems was the confusion
the model is xt160

I got diagrams but it doesn't show any settings or measurements or tension advice. No downloads on manufacturer website it doesn't work

Cant find any information online at all even generic
Any advice you have is appreciated or direction to be looking

you've either got it timed incorrectly, blades on backwards. or the blades not orientated properly. more likely a bit of everything

belts are kind of a work or not thing. you're chasing the wrong rabbit
thanks guy

but i havent touched the blades or the timing.
They stayed on the deck, just the deck which was moved out
the belts are simply too tight, and when I adjust I switch between being too tight and then too loose on the pulleys, and wonder if there is a way to know what way to adjust
There’s that word again.

I use a riding mower for my 0.3 acre property because I like to drink beer and enjoy the heady aroma of grass clippings and exhaust fumes while I lazily do a spiral in 2nd gear. Murrica.
File: Adjust Deck Height.jpg (109 KB, 795x1124)
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109 KB JPG
Adjust deck height using nuts and lock nuts on pic related.
Adjust blade engagement by adjusting cable or rod length connected to lever on right side of seat.
Seems like thats right
Was told not to touch height

Is it simply a case of back and forth til its correct? Tried to talk to an 'expert' and they said its too much work

Is it difficult, or experience to know whats the right height. How do you know what to adjust it against
Just to what 'feels right'?
how did we stop an say .. wait reread this title ..

Dont worry dont buy that garage lots a money ..for shit K
like OP

^ it Stolen Econ, an folk , we need folk trying here.....JUST .. STOP . BUYING STOLEN GOODS OK
>Just to what 'feels right'?
I tried to find the belt diagrams for you but the website doesnt seem to work
You've got something on there wrong. I don't know what, but the best should get looser when it's raised, not tighter. If it's stalling the engine, then I'm guessing you're rubbing something under the frame when putting it up.

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