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File: IMG-20190313-WA0046.jpg (702 KB, 2080x4160)
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This door was ok until yesterday, I don't know what happened but I can't open it anymore, the little thing is not hidden itself when I turn the handle so is not possible to use this door, what can I do to fix this? Thanks
Internals broken. Slip the door, remove hinges, or jack the door frame open to get past locked door and replace hardware.

stay out of there abduul its locked for a reason
You sure you didn't accidently lock it while closing the door?
I used to do that all the time with those cheap doors that have a button to lo k and can be opened with a coat ha ger into the hole on the other side.
(They're made for privacy, not security.)
break the handle off, use screwdriver to turn latch, replace with non-shitty lock
not OP but could you use a reciprocating saw to cut the handle off?
it'd be pretty stupid and difficult, but I guess
you start on the side with screws and carefully remove them then the insides can come out. it can be difficult putting it back on becasuse sometimes the screws are hard to line up but other types have a starter tip that makes it easy so i usually look for those and they cost about the same so it's a win-win situation.
>you start on the side with screws

duh! in order to get to the screws, you have to get inside the room, which the dude cant do.
one way to get the screws undone from the outside is to drill them out. you'll find them about 8mm to the left and right of the cylinder (the brass-colored part). you have to drill in about 1.5 inches so you need a good sharp bit.

if the latch is angled, which it probably is, you can also jam a spatula in the gap to open it. you see this done in movies using a credit card, so that's just not stiff enough. you gotta jam it in pretty hard.
I suspect the wood warped and pinned the "little thing" (latch?). Looks like a too tight fit. Use force, turn on heater to dry out wood, try and get something in the slot to push back the latch.

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