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So I've been complaining to my landlord that the neighbor upstairs is making a lot of noise. He's one of those weird shut ins who is on social assistance who sleeps during the day and is up from 6pm to 7am.

He stomps around and plays with his dog all night, sometimes at 4 in the morning. I don't really hear noise, however, when he is stomping around and running, it shakes the foundation and turns my room into a speaker. I'll regularly wake up in the middle of the night because I'll hear

>*THUD!* *THUD!* *THUD!* *THUD!* *THUD!*

Anyway, after trying to be diplomatic about it for an entire year, I set up a microphone and have been recording it. I pinned down the landlord about it and told him I want reduced rent. Since he's buddies with the guy, he dodges the question about evicting him (even though by law he is well in the rights, I checked).

All this to say, the new strategy is ineffective remedies from the landlord, to save face/have plausible deniability when I show the renting department in my city 6 months worth of time stamped audio with unanswered emails and formal complaints.

He said he will lower the ceiling by putting a layer of "soundproof, that's what it's called" and add sheetrock. I told him it is IMPACT SOUNDS but he claims this will work. I know this won't work, but was curious if maybe DIY think it will.

What a pain in the ass it will be clear out my bedroom for a week (he said two days, but I know he'll find the cheapest skilled labor to bumblefuck this project).

>inb4 move out. I'm looking for a new place to live
It could dampen the vibrations from him jumping around; guess you'll just have to wait and see.
The landlord is reimbursing your 2 day (or weeklong) stay somewhere else, right?
>living in commie block
That is what you get for this.
Shoot his dog in front of him.
When he lunges at you in anger, shoot him too.
Problem solved.
Impact noise can be reduced slightly with an isolated dropped ceiling, and the joist cavities ought to be filled with soundproofing foam or something like rockwool safe'n'sound at the least.
Problem is impact noises are low frequency and low frequency noise is the hardest to block. Even with an isolated ceiling, there will be flanking noise through the walls.

It'd work to put a good thick rubber layer upstairs, then underlay, then carpet on top. Treat the source of the problem.
around here for aerobics studios and whatnot they add a sublayer of cork with another raised floor surface on the upper surface of the floor to mitigate impact noise for the tenant below without having to do any construction inside the lower-level tenant’s rental space.
anecdotally I have heard of it being done and it didn’t fix the problem well enough so they moved the studio to another unit
That’s what you get for living in a shithole country where the whole house shakes if you jump on it and the walls are made of literal paper.
Go live in a real house made out of cement.
I can't imagine having to build my house around being bombed and shelled by germans and americans every few decades
Fuck the landlord. Call the cops>>1570606

We are adding floors on top of a concrete building.

Can't work when people are inside the building because if you rest a block on the ground clients hear a loud boom 3 floors down and 150 feet across.
Why don't you trade flats with the guy? problem solved.
Have you tried talking to him about it you passive aggressive fuck stick.

>I told on him to the landlord

Miss miss there's a bad noise help
poor little wagie
people don't give a shit, it's not worth your time anon. You're giving him shit for being passive aggressive, but the alternative is being aggressive and that's not good for anyone.

Noise from upstairs always sounds louder than it is unless you have a thick concrete floor. Just get an apartment on the top floor from now on.

Most people can't be reasoned with. I had youth rev engines like madmen last summer. Went over there a few times when they ridiculed me. Called the cops on them every day (who fined theme eventually). Now, they still rev the engine every other day or so. But the loud noise is mostly gone.

>t. German lawyer
help my neighbor walks in his apartment and I hate it
> I want reduced rent.
you already have reduced rent, everyone else could tell it's a shitty apartment

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